Passion > Money

This is my story. Use it to guide you to your dreams and the realization that anything is possible with a lot of faith and perserverance. By using the simple equation above and flipping the sign in the middle I moved mountains in my own personal journey and you can too!

Success defined by our society now mainly consists of a college degree, a promising career, and then what?…

I graduated with my BFA in Broadcast Journalism with countless opportunities and grabbed the healthiest paycheck I could find. I had a promising career in one of the fastest growing online marketing companies with endless possibilities and yet It wasn’t enough.

As the hiring manager and front face of the company, SoftRock, I had to present myself daily in a positive light. To keep momentum I would pull up inspirational quotes and blogs off LinkedIn to lift my spirits before starting the day. I came across a book called Into the Wind, by Jake Ducey. The introduction spoke to me and jumped off the computer screen. I purchased it. In the first chapter it spoke of Guatemala and how the country was one of the most spiritual places in the world. I made a promise to myself that I would go there within the next year. I wanted clarity in my life and by going to a third world country I thought it would be the live inspiration I needed.

I had an amazing job, working for an amazing company, with amazing people but knew I was not where I wanted to be. I was unhappy and I couldn’t figure out why.

I then pulled out my investigative journalism tactics and put them to good use. I reached out to every successful business owner on LinkedIn and set up meetings with them to find out how they became so successful and if they were truly happy.

I started attending inspirational meetings like 1 Million Cups. A weekly educational networking program that allowed aspiring entrepreneurs to present. These presentations included their latest projects, goals, and business plans in exchange for credible feedback.

After many months of research I came to a simple solution. I found that the happiest and most successful people I met had figured out how to turn their “Passion” into a career. The “key” to a fulfilling career was implementing their passion through helping others. It was like a lightbulb had went off and I suddenly understood.

I acted fast and changed my motivation in life from money to passion. The hard part was figuring out what I was passionate about. I mean, years of being taught that cash is king had taken it’s toll and I had to re-train my way of thinking and go back to the basics. Asking myself simple questions like, ” What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What makes you happy? How can you use these answers to help others? ”

I started working on the best version of myself everyday by detoxing my life. I had to risk not having anything in hopes of gaining everything. I made some drastic decisions starting with quitting my full-time career to do freelance so I could start exploring other options.

There is a chunk of information that will be missing here because I’m saving it for my book! A daily work in progress.

I am now living my dream. I sold all of my “stuff”, booked a one-way and landed a position as Project Coordinator for the only legal children’s refuge in Coban, Guatemala. You can keep up with my journey and the children of New Hope – Coban at:

The moral of the story is follow your dreams, invest in yourself, and put passion above money. You will lead the successful and happy life that most can only dream about.

Peace and blessings!

Chasity Williams
Project Coodinator at Misioneros Sin Fronteras
Instagram: @ChasityWill


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