Your Mom

Your mom is stronger than you
Your mom listens without judgement
Your mom listens to your problems and puts them above her own
Your mom is right about EVERYTHING
Your mom is beautiful
Your mom is the reason YOU are here
Your mom worries every night about YOU
Your mom loves you unconditionally
Your mom has experienced twice more than you…LISTEN to her
Your mom knows all about YOU

What do you know about your mom?
What is your mom’s favorite food?
What is your mom’s favorite hobby?
What day is your mom’s birthday?
What does your mom need help with?
What did your mom cry about last?
What is worrying your mom?
What does your mom want to do with YOU before it’s too late?
What does your mom want from you?
What is your mom’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

After another countless night of me venting to my mom I woke up this morning in gratitude. I realized how selfish I had been. I realized I don’t ask as often as I should, ” Hey mom, how are YOU?”

Do yourself a favor and call YOUR MOM! Right now, no matter where you are or what you are doing. STOP and make time for YOUR MOM. Ask her how she is doing and if there is anything you can do for her.

This post is for my mom, your mom, and your mom’s mom.

Be grateful to have a mom that cares and don’t take her for granted because one day you will look back and realize how much she does for YOU!

A big thank you to my mom! I love you and appreciate you!!!


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