Change your perception and change your wolrd. After watching the trailor for the upcoming feature film, Planetary, those words were true literally and figuratively regarding this new movement. I think it’s genius.

The Overview Effect: A change in perception from a human’s perspective of the earth from space.

This video is so powerful. It explains how the astronauts experienced a psychological shift in their viewpoint of earth and how conflicts that divide nations & separate governments became less important. Everything was now interconnected in their eyes and they saw a need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect our home, our planet.

It concluded a problem that was posed in the end: We (all humans) need a new way to shift our behaviors in such a way that leads to a sustainable approach to our civilization as opposed to a destructive approach.

Ever hear the saying, ” The solution lies within the problem” ?

“We’re going to turn the camera around and show you earth,” The focus had been on the moon and other planets but then they looked back at planet earth and it implied a new kind of self awareness.

So how can (we) find a new way to shift our behavior that will lead us to a more sustainable approach to civilization?

It is simple. It starts with YOU. It starts with self awareness. Instead of looking at the moon and other planets i.e. (getting wrapped up in all that is wrong in the world or passing judgment to others) turn to the earth (the mirror) and look at yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world never rang so true.

I hope this movement opens the eyes of people everywhere. I hope it brings about unity and love to all nations and helps us see that we are all in this together.


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