Xiomara & her Violet

I ran into Xiomara while running up a clean load of laundry to my room at the children´s refuge, New Hope Coban. I noticed her caring for a small plant she had stowed away.

I asked her what kind it was and she explained in excitement the story behind the plant. (Most of you are like.. where are you going with this… hang in there antsy pants and you might learn something.)

She got the plant when it was just a little baby. It only had one leaf and was looking a bit rough. Xiomara went onto to talk passionately about it… ¨Violets have not blossomed yet but I still try to grow. It take lots of work but I almost there.¨(In her best effort at English considering she mainly speaks Spanish) She smiled so big you would´ve though she just got a new puppy.

I then just kindof looked at her in awe…

I mean here is this lady who is in her 50´s, no kids, and has dedicated her life to volunteering at a children´s refuge. This plant is one of her personal pleasures. She was talking about her flower as if it were a human baby that she nursed back to health. She was very passionate about this little plant. What a beautiful soul indeed.

It made me stop and realize how important all life on this planet is. Everything and everyone should be treated just as Xiomara treated that one little plant. It was given food, water, and love. If I´m not mistaken that´s all humans need as well.

I always wondered why gardening becomes a hobby for the older generation. I don´t know exactly why, nor do I have the answer, but I think they are on to something bigger than we can comprehend in our 20´s.

It´s beautiful regardless.

Do the planet a favor and plant a seed. Give it water, food, and love and watch it grow. Then, watch the supernatural laws of love fill your heart with gratitude.

Peace & Blessings to All God´s Seeds!


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