The One

Let´s dust these fingers off and get em ready for some heat!

I am going to tell you how to attract ¨The One¨. You can thank me later:

Who is ¨the one¨and how do we know when we meet them? I dont know and you dont either. Know how I know that you don´t know? Each person is different and when any two souls connect it is never the same as another two. It will always be different. ¨What about my friends who met that are madly in love told me this…¨ They may be perfect for each other but your fairy tale is not going to play out like that. It will be different because you are not them. Get it? (Coffee is taking some time to kick in this morning)

There is a simple way to attract the ¨right one¨. Here is a 3 step process that will get you one step closer to meeting the love of your life!

1) Put God first in all areas of your life.

He has ¨THE ONE¨already picked out waiting for you: ladies…on a magic carpet with floating candles and pixie dust… dudes… she is better than anything you could have ever dreamed up and more than you ever thought you deserved. When you are ready for that gift you will know it, feel it, and be ready for ¨THE ONE¨.

I believe you have more than one soul mate however I think there is only ONE that was made for you by God. ONE that brings out the best in you. ONE that resonates with your soul. ONE that connects with you on the highest level of enlightenment. ONE that uplifts and encourages you. ONE that was perfectly made to fit you like the missing puzzle piece.

2) Focus on yourself

You attract what you project. Don´t you want to project the best YOU so you can attract the best ONE? Answer: YES!
I´m even giving you the answers.

Self improvement is a full time job, a daily discipline, and alot of work! It is worth it! You are important, beautiful, and special. Now start working on the best version of yourself and watch your world change for the better. Birds start singing, the sun shines brighter, that lady at work with the annoying high pitch voice sounds like an angel, and all is right in the world again.

Detox your life. It´s simple…
Anything you won´t feel good about afterwards… DON´T DO IT
(Think about this one)

Implement daily excersice into your life
Find a hobby that doesn´t involve alcohol
Quit eating the whole bag of REESE´S (that was for me…)
Quit smoking (You don´t like kissing ash trays and neither does ¨THE ONE¨)
Food is medicine… eat healthier
Read more inspirational books (Into the Wind by Jake Ducey)

3) Get out a pen and paper and WRITE

You don´t have to write a book but this is the best way to see what you want and visualize it.

Put a notepad and pen on your night stand… every morning write 1 thing you are thankful for. Watch how this sets the mood for the rest of your day and watch how over time this list GROWS! It´s amazing.

Write a list of people, places, and things that make you happy. Study this list and adjust the settings until you are happy with everything on it.

Write 3 things you want to do before you die and DO IT!
I challenge you to DO IT before the end of this year 2014!
NO excuses about money… it´s expendable but YOUR LIFE IS NOT!

If I touched one soul from this post or made one person smile…my day has been fulfilled.


Spread the love and share this if it tickles your fancy. 🙂


3 Comments on “The One

  1. You are an amazing young woman – What an inspiration from such a young soul – You have a gift my sweet girl – Thank you for sharing your love with the rest of the world – May it be blessed and multiplied ten times over –

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