Elsa, a newborn who was dropped off and left on the steps of Coban Regional Hospital. Just one of many…

I came with New Hope Coban and a Missionary team from the states to visit the local hospital for the first time. We had two large bags of diapers and stuffed animals to hand out to the kids.

Going in I was prepared to see sick children but I was NOT prepared to view newborns that were sitting in a crib with NO parents or relatives who wanted them. It was as if you were in a pet store viewing newborns to adopt. HUMANS! Real life.

I had to walk away a few times. I couldn’t hold back the tears.
What would happen to these babies if no one adopted them?
How could anyone not want them?
Are they thrown out after they reach a certain age?

I found out that this happens all the time. The hospital waits for family or a relative to come claim the child. If this does not happen the child stays in the hospital until it becomes a toddler and then is sent off to a government children’s home in Guatemala City which majority are at full capacity and overcrowded. The hospital is extremely outdated with old equipment and underpaid staff which makes it even more of a miracle if these children get to see adulthood.

This is why New Hope Coban is so special. It is the only legal children’s home and refuge in Coban that saves children like this and gives them one thing that every human on this planet needs and deserves, HOPE. Also, an eternal family, love, spiritual guidance, education, medical care, and food. The children of New Hope are always smiling and laughing. They glow with happiness and love. I know this because I live here and volunteer here full time. I have fallen in love with every smile, every laugh, every hug that I receive daily from all the kids.

The children’s home is at full capacity and unfortunately has had to turn away many children like Elsa since August of 2013.

Please help share this story so that we can raise awareness and help New Hope Coban raise the funds they need to start construction of their new children’s home that will house 120 children! 120 children that will be given a new life, a new family, a new hope.


If you have it on your heart to contribute click the link below:

Here are other ways you can contribute:

Volunteer teams
We offer international teams to come witness our organization and offer their services through volunteering either at a local village in need or at the children’s home.

Email your information to: chasitywill@gmail.com

Share the following links on all your social media platforms:

Share the link and ask for others to share to raise awareness. You can follow the children’s home and receive daily updates by liking our page.

Mention @NewHopeCoban and help grow our virtual network of followers so we can reach more hearts and touch more lives.

Be grateful for your family, your loved ones, the people who care about you. Be grateful for your life, your food, your bed, your hot water, your clean water.

Be grateful.


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