Americans Need To Volunteer In A 3rd World Country At Least Once

Left the rat race a year ago to travel and give back by volunteering abroad. Sold all of my possessions to help fund my trip: car, furniture , etc…
I wanted to explore a more meaningful life. A life of passion and purpose not driven by money and social acceptance. Every day I find something to be grateful for. I came to help and give back but I’m getting more out of this experience than I could ever give. Insight, a new perception, a new appreciation for EVERYTHING in this beautiful planet.

I want to share my journey with the world in hopes that it will touch another soul. I want to inspire others to live a life that is more fulfilling, give back to those less fortunate, and experience a new culture which ultimately opens your mind and your heart.

Every American should volunteer in a 3rd world country at least once! No excuses! Here´s why…

I’ve consolidated the list so you can get back to work and pretend you haven’t been reading a blog instead of sending that important email you’re too brain dead to compose. (Been there)

We´re Spoiled

The kids here are more well behaved and work harder than most adults in the states. They are also self sufficient at a very young age.

Example: A friend and I stopped at Sarita restaurant to have lunch. There was a young boy that waited for us to open our car door after we parked. He was selling bags of malt sugar coated candy balls. My friend bought 2 bags then asked if the kid would like to join us for lunch. He of course said YES! Over lunch we learned more about the little boy and his story. His father was killed by a gang in Coban. His mother was widowed now with 4 children. He has to help contribute to the home by selling this candy for money to help feed his sisters. At only 10 years old he rides 3 hours on a chicken bus everyday to this restaurant BY HIMSELF! Mmhmm. Wow. He was very well behaved and grateful for his portion of spaghetti. After lunch we said our goodbye’s and he went outside to continue his daily work.

Washing Clothes

I used to hate doing laundry and folding clothes. At the children’s home we have 1 day to wash clothes. When Saturday rolls around I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait to wash my clothes and have a fresh clean load to fold.

Clean/Hot Water

A hot shower here for me is equivalent to (think of the best gift in the whole entire world) that.

After a busted water pipe we didn’t have running water for 2 days. The hot shower I received after the 2 days…the best shower I ever had in my life. EVER. Clean drinking water is taken for granted in the states. Now I think back to a time when I could drink tap water without a filter in the states and appreciate it. The people In the villages don’t have access to clean water. They drink out of and bathe in the same stream or water hole they dug.


Kids in the villages here don’t have shoes. It breaks my heart to see their little feet all tattered and cut up. It makes me appreciate my shoes.


Newborns are dropped off at hospitals and left in their care until a relative claims them or they are sent to a government children´s home in the city and put up for adoption. This is hard to see first hand. Make it a point to visit a hospital in a 3rd world country. You will never be the same. This made me appreciate healthcare in the states and my family more than ever before.


¨I don´t have the money right now.¨

I bet if I look at your bank statement 80% of it will be on eating out and alcohol. One has got to give. There´s a lot of $$$ back in your pocket. Also…

There are places you can volunteer all over the world for free that include accomadations (Food & Stay) and all you have to pay for is your flight. You can help someone else in need all the while experiencing a new culture, making new friends, and experiencing something new! It doesn´t get much better than that. Most 3rd world countries are very cheap and the scenery is breathtaking! The food here in Guatemala is amazing! No preservatives and fresh fruit and veggies galore!

The following website is the key to your next Voluntacation (I´m pretty impressed with my creative skills right now) You. Are. Welcome.

Book your flight on the site below for the best prices…

¨It´s too dangerous.¨

I´m a young woman who traveled to a 3rd world country by herself and I´m alive. Do you still believe that monsters live under the bed too? I know roads in Atlanta, Ga that are more dangerous than some here. Get over your fear (illusion) and start working on your new trip!

¨I don´t have time.¨

You can set aside a week of your upcoming vacation time. It doesn´t have to be all work and no play. Half can be volunteering and the other half a resort. Whatever floats your boat. If you´re saying this because you have kids… give them to grandma or the next door neighbor… figure it out. Not to mention mom and dad this will be great for your relationship as well. You will appreciate not only everything you have but what you do for each other as well. You will see how important famílies are to each other here. This is a trip YOU will never regret. Just do it.

¨I need my 5 star hotel room and hot water and a nice meal. I can´t rough it.¨

You need this trip worse than I thought. This blog was written just for you. Save your soul now or you may never come back from the depths of materialism which breeds discontentment.

Volunteering in a 3rd world country will help you in all aspects of your life. Your job, your relaionships, your life, your mind, your heart, and your soul.

What have you got to lose? Don´t put this trip off. You are only given one life and this is your chance to do something completely selfless and give back on a grandeur scale. It´s the most humbling experience and you´ll come back better because of it. This is one trip you will not regret.

If you would like suggestions on a place to volunteer here in Guatemala shoot me an e-mail.

God Bless,

Chasity Williams
Project Coordinator at Misioneros Sin Fronteras
Twitter: @NewHopeCoban & @WilliamsChasity
Instagram: ChasityWill
Facebook: https://www.facebook.tcom/NewHopeCoban


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