BE (The Best) YOU

At the starting point of the Coban Half Marathon I was standing beside a built gentleman with an almost perfect physique. He was anxious for the race to start because of the high energy from the runners in the crowd. He was looking around and saying, ¨I can beat him. I got him for sure. Yep she won´t beat me.¨ I responded, ¨No. You aren´t running against them. You are running with them. The only person you are competeing against is yourself. It´s in here (I pointed to his mind). Focus on finishing the race and giving it your best.¨

It got me thinking about how we all compare ourselves to others daily. When this happens we get discouraged and down on ourself. We think, ¨Man, I wish I could look like them… or They are better than I am…¨ Truth is the only person you should focus on is yourself. Being the best YOU daily. Just like if you were running that marathon. The race is not about beating the other runners. It´s about running the race without stopping or giving up. It´s about finishing. The focus is on you and giving your life your all.

Working on yourself is not easy and it takes alot of discipline, patience, and perserverance. The results are magical and well worth the lifetime of happiness you will achieve through simply being the best version of yourself.

Never compare yourself to others. Their journey will be different from yours. Focus on yourself and what makes you happy. If you pass judgement on another you are taking a step in the wrong direction. If you are working on bettering yourself you will no longer care about what other people are doing or saying because you will be focusing all your energy on being the best YOU.

Here is a quick checklist to start working on becoming a better YOU!

Eating clean
Daily excercise
Strengthen your spirituality through prayer or meditating
Volunteer and get involved in your community
Read an inpirational quote to start your day
Write down something you are grateful for before bed
Surround yourself with people you respect, that inspire and encourage you
Compliment others on something you genuinely admire

I detoxed my life starting with myself. My mind (thoughts), my body (excercise, eating clean, juicing), and my soul (volunteering abroad as we speak, talk to God everyday, praying more, and singing)

Love yourself and start working on the better YOU. You have 1 life and you aren´t promised tomorrow. You owe it to yourself. Now go show yourself some love.



One Comment on “BE (The Best) YOU

  1. I am really impressed that all this comes from your heart. Thanks for the inspiration Chass. Co springs here I come

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