Equation for Success

Success – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Success= Living a life of Purpose and Passion + Helping others + Living Holistically + Being the Best YOU

Many have their own definition of success. Some think it´s how much money you have acquired. Some think it´s how high you place in a competition. I think success is when you have found peace and happiness within and are living a life a purpose fueled by passion and by helping others. Money should never be your number one objective.

I was raised by my grandparents on a chicken and alligator farm where I learned the meaning of hard work and discipline. I had to pick up dead birds everday, grind up the dead birds to shovel into the gator pen, pressure washed feed trays covered in chicken poop, shoveled pig pens, bottle fed calves, helped load hay bales. I´m so proud of where i came from and who I am now because of the foundations laid from being raised on a farm. Coming home after a long day of work on the farm I smelled horrible, I had dirt and chicken crap on my hands and shoes, my clothes were dirt stained, and I couldn´t wait to shower and eat! It was a feeling of success and satisfaction at the end of each day. It felt good to know you accomplished all that work and my reward was food and a roof over my head.

This upbringing has made me forever humble and appreciative of everything I have.

My point here is success is when you accomplish an aim. Moderation and a slow steady pace is the key to success. Set short term goals for yourself and every accomplishment is a success which will fuel your next goal. Figure out what it is that you are personally passionate about. Figure out how to make that a career. Tie this career into giving back to others in need which is the key to fulfillment. Money will come when you are living a life of passion and purpose. I know it because I am living it.

Here´s the main ingredient:

Put God first in everything and watch your true destiny unfold. The predestined path that God made for you before you were even created will be fulfilled and you will feel a peace and enlightenment that will make your soul shine brighter than the sun.

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. (‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭29‬ KJV)


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