NOW is the “right” time

We all have millions of reasons and excuses for putting our life on hold… waiting for the “right” time.

Will there ever be a right time?

I think everyone has their own idea of how to respond to this but I am basing my conclusion off of people I have met on my own journey that have successfully figured this out and happily shared their advice.

-Met a woman in her 60’s who traveled all over the world
-once married but ended that
-now dating a successful business man and together they own a hotel in Greece
-no kids

I wanted to know what her take was on relationships and the happiest couples she met and where they came from. I wanted to see if a specific culture was the happiest or what kind of people had it figured out so i asked her…

She said, “the happiest couples I met in the world were Christians”
( What I took from this is that your beliefs and values need to align with your significant other in order to have a strong foundation that you can build off of)

-Met a man at a convention who was happily married the 2nd time around
-successful CEO of power company out of Tokyo
-peaceful spirit
-great dad
-great values
-well respected by coworkers

I asked this guy what his secret to a successful marriage was? I asked him for advice.

“Don’t go for the one you want, go for the one that makes you better”, he said.
(This one burns a bit but words of wisdom to live by for sure)

-Met a lady in her 70’s
-Flower child
-She lived in the mountains off the land along the Appalachians near New York
-Peaceful and happy as a front desk clerk at a hotel in Panama City Beach now

I asked her about predestiny. I asked if she believed in a predestined path that is already set for you. I also asked what she would tell her 26 year old self if she could go back.

“I believe everything happens the way it is supposed to happen. I also wish I wouldn’t have worried as much as I did about things I had no control over when I was your age. Don’t worry about money. Do what makes you happy always. Makes the best choices for you not for others or for fear of hurting someone else. If you aren’t happy they won’t be either because you aren’t. Don’t sell yourself short. Do things that you love. You meet people who are looking for a job and say that no one is hiring and it’s hard to find a job and guess what? Those people will not find a job because that is their mindset and how they look at the world. Then there are those who look at the world and see infinite possibilities in every situation and take advantage of opportunities and see abundance and that is what they attract. There are always two ways to look at things.”

You can’t control timing but you can control your perception and how you look at things and your mindset.

I’m 26 years old and single by choice. Sure, I would love to have my own family and a lifetime companion but honestly I have not met anyone I like spending more time with than myself yet. I look and feel the best I ever have in my life and I want someone that will compliment my life. Be an aid not an obstacle. I mean sure no one ever has it all figured out and there is no perfect person out there but I know I can get close. It’s worth the wait. Until then I’ll continue working on myself because when you are healthy and happy so is your world.

Keep in mind that there are no coincidences in life, they are signs.

Keep in mind there will never be a right time to travel the world, start your own business, start a family, etc…

Life is imperfectly perfect and so are you.

If you want something bad enough go get it. The universe will conspire to make it happen and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

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