Angels in the “Attic”

No matter where you are in the world there is one universal language that connects us all…that can touch all of your senses and in a moment can bring you back in time to a special memory, send chills up your spine, or cause your heart to feel… that universal language is music.

No matter where I am in my travels I always try to find a local spot where I can enjoy live music. It doesn’t even matter what kind it is. To me there is nothing better than watching a passionate musician in their most vulnerable state, on a stage, pouring their heart out through their gift from God as an artist. There is nothing more beautiful to me. Very rarely do I find an artist that brings tears to my eyes and moves my soul. I found that in a little hidden gem called Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Ga.

I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you simply that these girls have the voice of angels. They are angels. Annika, 16, and Fiona, 14, are the primary singers and songwriters (Annika plays violin, banjo and guitar, Fiona guitar and violin), sisters Kathryn, 17, and Petra, 12, balance the mod with cello and mandolin, keyboards and a lap steel guitar. HELLO! WOW!

As if the musical talent wasn’t enough they are strikingly beautiful as well. Check them out by clicking the link below. Keep in mind that nothing is better than “live” performance but this is close enough for you for now.

Enjoy the voice of angels…

The next music event I plan to attend with other great talent that will make your heart sing is Parklife Music Fest. Hope to see you there!



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