Strategic Positive Influence Proposal

A marathon is 26.21875 miles.  Let’s pretend you decided to challenge yourself to sign up for one.

(Great goal to add to the bucket list)

This is a lot of preparation and conditioning.  You first start with a healthy diet and then a daily exercise plan. You are more mindful of your daily routines.  The most important above all of this is discipline and it is fueled by the mind.  You get it in your mind that you can and will do something and will succeed.  With daily modifications you will slowly but surely reach your end goal.

This conversion is comparable to the strategic positive influence proposal. Everything you watch, say, and hear effects what you are or will become.

You’re highly influenced by your surroundings: family, job, location, media….

Don’t focus on things you can’t control or talk about minuscule details. Look at the big picture.

Govern your mind and condition it to think positively.

It will take time and discipline to indoctrinate a positive mindset but over time you will influence a more positive you which will manifest a happier life. This change will influence your friends and loved ones as well in a delightful way.

Where focus goes energy flows.  Be what you want to see.  Mirror what you respect.

We can change the world through changing ourselves first.

Your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are great platforms to start your transformation.

  • Kind Comments
  • Post Positively
  • Leave the drama for your mama (even she doesn’t want to hear it much less the whole world)

Look: Filter what you watch and read.  Gravitate toward more positive outlets that are inspiring.

Listen: The lyrics in your music matter. Choose wisely.

Love: Love others and you will be loved.



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