Run for New Hope Coban #RUN4NHC

This year has been a beautiful time of growth and change for me personally and professionally.

I left corporate America and my career behind, sold my car, and all of my possessions earlier this year to fund a mission trip to live and work for 3 months this summer at a children’s home in Guatemala.  This journey changed my perception of life, family, and unconditional love forever.  I had found God, a new spiritual family, and a passion to serve God’s children.

I came back after spending 3-months at the home. As soon as I arrived in Atlanta I had to start all over from scratch.  I got a job, a place to live, a car again just to realize that this was not where I belonged anymore.  My experience at this children’s home had changed me.  Conversations with most people were very difficult.  When I wanted to talk about humanitarian work or new projects most people just cared to talk about where they were going out this weekend, what movie they were going to see, or the new outfit they just bought although this is meaningless chatter that I once would have gladly chimed in to.  This change made it seem like I had lost my taste for normality.  I didn’t fit in anymore.  No one understood.  I was no longer interested in this life here.

I made the decision for the second time this year to sell everything again so I could do humanitarian work full time as a career.

My new found passion was the children’s home, New Hope Coban, and to continue my humanitarian work.  I wanted to help take care of all my new little brothers and sisters I fell in love with and help them build the home to grow and save more children from the jaws of poverty.

The difference between this home and a typical orphanage is that the children are not kicked out at 18 years of age.  They are offered a chance to stay at the home as long as they would like.  After they receive their certification at the trade school in Coban most of the older children choose to come back to help with the little ones as they are treated like one big family.

I learned that the infant mortality rate is an overwhelming 70% due to children suffering from malnutrition and as they age the likelihood that they will complete school dwindles significantly.  The children’s home hit full capacity in August of 2013 and for the past year unfortunately they had to turn hundreds of children away.

I will be running my first marathon, the Disney Marathon, in January 2015 to help raise funds for construction of a better Children’s home for my new little family.  This home will be able to house more children so that more lives will be saved from horrifying conditions and in turn be given education, food, spiritual guidance, and an eternal family full of unconditional love and support.

My goal is to raise $1000 for each mile.  Please help share this story to shed light on my efforts so we can save more children and give them NEW HOPE for a brighter future.

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