The Children Need Your Help! (New Hope Coban – Misioneros Sin Fronteras)

As most of you already know I am running a marathon to help raise funds to give the children at the home New Hope Coban in Guatemala but my efforts alone are not enough which is why I’m reaching out to you.  These children have sincerely captured my heart during the 3 life-changing months that I spent with them.  They are in need of a new facility so that the home doesn’t have to turn down more children that are in need.  Please help me help these children in giving them a chance at a better life.  It would mean the world to me and absolutely everything to the children.

Please donate (any amount is appreciated) to support these children

You can definitely feel the love in the short documentary about the home above. What the children go through before they enter the home will absolutely break your heart and it’s within our power to make sure that no child has to be turned away because the raised funds will provide more living space, educational resources, medical facilities and so much more to better the lives of the children in need.  I will be keeping you updated on how these funds are being used by the home in the upcoming months.

Thank you so much for your support!


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