New Hope Day 1 – Refurbished Computer Lab

It’s back at the children’s home in Guatemala, New Hope Coban, my little slice of heaven on earth. This time accompanying me, Mark AKA computer genius, my husband who is going to work his magic in their lab.

We flew in yesterday greeted by my good friend “Pochis” at the airport. He saved my life last time I was in Guatemala. Everything from doctoring my leg after a motorcycle muffler burn to a little stomach bug I caught after enjoying some sausage (not recommended for newcomers) – but tasted amazing. The people here treat everyone like family and are the most hospitable and kind culture I’ve got to experience to date.

Barcelo, the hotel we stayed at, was very nice. Beautiful Christmas decorations welcomed you into the lobby and throughout the halls. The breakfast buffet was to die for! The food here is amazing and fresh everywhere you go. Mashed up black beans you can expect with every meal which is their Guatemalan staple AKA Frijoles.

We caught the bus Monja Blanca at Central Norte to Coban. A breathtaking scenic 5 hour ride throughout the center of Guatemala. A few rock slides were spotted and village people in colorful attire lined the road side when traffic was backed up selling snacks and juice.

Papa Cristian (Father and Founder of New Hope Coban Children’s Home) greeted us at the bus stop to transport us to New Hope, MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! I was overjoyed to see him and could barely contain my excitement on the ride to the children. Once we arrived each child came up to give us a big hug and meet the newcomer, Mark. They each had a big smile which immediately warms your soul I don’t care who you are! They can melt a glacier with their smiles and hugs.

Today’s focus for Mark was to strengthen the WIFI throughout the home and to repair their computer lab.


Starting out today they had 3 working computers and by the end of today we are expecting to have 7 working computers for the children. A very important part of our contribution today was a credit card-sized single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi. This device was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intent to promote teaching basic computer science in schools.

Mark is planning to teach some of the older children how to write code using a programming language called Python. They will be able to control the Raspberry embedded device once they learn the basics of programming and basic electronics. Our primary goal is for the children to creatively come up with new ideas and ways to utilize the Raspberry Pi building an electronic creation of choice to improve their living conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the Raspberry Pi click below:

We are very excited to see how this technology will make a difference in the children’s lives at New Hope Coban. We are embarking on bettering communities in third world countries through an affordable technology that can build New Hope and a brighter future for children everywhere!


2 Comments on “New Hope Day 1 – Refurbished Computer Lab

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a phenomenal time. Id like to come lend a hand some time. I’m not a computer genius but I build some stuff. So happy for your happiness…

  2. Hi, is awesome that are you doing, i would like to help, i am from Guatemala, i just end mechatronics engineer and i think some of my friends would like to help to

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