New Hope Day 2 – Best Christmas Ever…

It’s funny how the older I get the less stuff I want. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday as a child because it meant lots of toys! Now Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the special people I spend it with and the memories I can make.

This Christmas was a bit different. I didn’t get to spend it with my family in the states. Instead I got to spend it with 30 beautiful children who own my heart at New Hope Coban children’s home in Guatemala.

My husband and I wanted to bring over a gift for each child at the home, ages ranging 3 – 23 years old. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit a lot in our bags due to our month stay so we had to be creative. I suggested going to the Dollar Tree and for US$40 we were out the door with a toy for each!

Yes, we bought Christmas for a WHOLE children’s home for US $40 bucks and it was the best $40 dollars we have ever spent…

Tonight we decided to give the kids their presents early and their reactions were priceless.

I picked out fake mustaches for each child because lets face it they are AWESOME and who doesn’t appreciate a good fake mustache?

We had each child put on their mustache before they received their gifts and we all laughed until our faces were sore and our stomachs hurt.

The older boys got Whoopee Cushions because every boy needs this in a lifetime. THEY LOVED THEM and laughed and laughed and whoopeed until they couldn’t breath.

Each child hugged our necks for their gifts which made it worth every cent. The gratitude they show is so great that we can all learn from them.

Isn’t it amazing that for US $40 you can give a WHOLE children’s home a Christmas full of love and laughter and smiles?

Today just made me personally reflect on my previous Christmas holidays and this one by far reigns supreme.

I challenge you to look outside of yourself and help someone in need this holiday season. Brighten someones day with a selfless act by giving a gift out of love without the expectancy of a returned favor. The Dollar Tree has some wonderful gifts that are bound to make anyone smile and it’s well worth every penny.

Happy Holidays from New Hope Coban Children’s Home (Heaven On Earth)

May God use you as a light in someone else’s life this season.



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