A honeymoon with 30 kids

Earlier this year I told my mom I would marry the man that would drop everything to volunteer with me at a special children´s home in Guatemala.

I did.

I´m sure he didn´t expect half of our honeymoon to be spent at the children´s home with 30 kids but it was. Talk about taking one for the team.

A year of great risk and great reward…

I sold all of my stuff (everything) and left for Guatemala to volunteer and live at New Hope Coban, a children´s home in the mountains of Guatemala, in April, 2014. I spent 3 months at this home and became a different person.

July I was back in the states and had to get back to work. I had nothing in common with most anymore. The usual conversations didn´t excited me. I didn´t fit into my old social scene I used to thrive in. My perception of life had changed.

Laying out by a pool a girl told me about this dating app that I assumed was just like the rest, OkCupid. She was 32 and had met her now boyfriend of about a year on it. Then went on to say that she knew other people that it worked for so… I was still skeptical but figured what the heck.

I was in a new city. I didn´t go out anymore and my typical week was set: work out, work, and church. So I gave the app a try. I figured I could at least make a new friend along the way if nothing else.

My profile was a little sarcastic. Mainly I talked about how much I loved bacon, dreamed up new bacon dishes, and needed bacon to live.

I did´t really expect to meet anyone special. I stuck my blog link on there as well to run traffic to my site…. which works btw…and is still working.

After about 2 weeks I was over the app and forgot about it.

One day I saw a really nice email saying something about my blog and I had to read the rest of it so I clicked the link which brought me right back to the dating app.

A notification alerted me that I just had a match with this handsome guy… so of course I did what any curious single girl would do. I checked out the profile. Unfortunately it said this guys location was Portugal but I didn´t care after I read his whole profile. He was a computer nerd that was hot, genuine (judging from the profile), and wanted to learn how to break dance (humor*). Winner.

I shot over a message letting him know I could help him with the break dancing starting with a simple Roger Rabbit. We soon found out we both had a lot in common and that he was back home getting his Visa straightened out so we could meet for lunch. A lunch that lasted 3 hours.

The rest is history. Smitten and completely on the same track on everything from children to spirituality to music (anyone that knows my music taste knows it is not easy to match). Oh and he didn´t drink. (Heaven opens and angels singing here)

It´s like God took my cookie cutter perfectionistic vision of a man and placed him in my life. Prayers answered.

4 months later we eloped and are now spending Christmas at the children´s home in Guatemala.

¨When you know you know¨, truth in this case.

I believe God is leading this journey 100%. It has not been easy but the most rewarding year of my life on this planet to date. I have no clue how the next few years will unfold but I´m foreseeing some babies, composing and producing my own music, traveling, and more missionary work with the hubs.

Fairytales do come true.

Give ole Cupid a try. You never know. You might be one click or swipe away from your very own prince charming.


One Comment on “A honeymoon with 30 kids

  1. I am beyond excited and happy for you and can’t wait to meet your Prince Charming. You can feel the inspiration in your words and that passion will lead you down the road God has for you!! Luv ya!

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