Bendiciendo A Los Niños (Blessing The Children)

We are born into this world pure.  Each infant a vision of perfection and a gift from the heavens above.  A blessing for eternity.

Now that I received that blessing and am about to give birth to my first born child I have this overwhelming desire to not only give this new creation life but to also give it mine.  A love that is so strong and a bond that will forever be unbroken.

Some children are lucky and are born to families that can’t wait to secure this newborn in their arms.  Not all have the perfect vision of a loving family. Some accepted by just their mothers, just their fathers, or worse neither and abandoned with no understanding, no love, no family…

Luckily, there are millions of families out there that so badly want to be granted the privilege to become a mother or father to a child who would otherwise have no one.  A beautiful duty that many take for granted.


I’m honored to personally know one family above, Star and Kyle McGee, who were high school sweethearts dating 9 years and now married for 6.  This couple exemplifies true love. They have been trying to create their own child for the past 4 years but to no avail.  Adoption seemed like the best shot they had to become the parents they always dreamed of but the agencies were too expensive.  They decided to give it to God and just last week were selected by one of the birth moms who is pregnant with TWINS!

Let’s help bless these unborn twins with a loving and caring home.  Help Star and Kyle raise the funds they need to complete their fairytale!

Help by sharing their story and donating what you can here: Bringing Home Baby McGees – Star & Kyle McGee Adoption Fund

I pray that they reach their goal so they can bless the children with an eternal family full of love which is what every child deserves.

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