Love my 3-in-1 Handmade Maternity Kaftan

So in love with my new maternity kaftan that I had to share…

This 3-in-1 floral dress can be used as a hospital gown, feeding gown, or beach cover-up and the pockets are a plus!


I originally purchased it because I wanted a unique hospital gown for the delivery of my first baby.

The back fully snaps open for epidural access which makes it the perfect attire for labor.  I chose the darker color just in case anything got on the dress so it wouldn’t be seen.


There are easily accessible sleeve snaps on both arms for breastfeeding and pumping.


The draw sting is perfectly placed as well to accentuate your adorable bump.

The designer Ruchi was very thoughtful and sent a personalized note with the dress along with a cute matching bag to stow it.

You can find my exact dress on Etsy by clicking this link: ComfyMommy

Many blessings to all the mommies to be!


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