Truth is

Through a looking glass it looked pristine

It was everything I wanted

I needed

Truth is

I gave my all


I lost myself in your presence

I wanted to be everything you wanted

Truth is

I lost myself while she lie in my womb

She changed me

Grasping for air to find my identity

Lost in my own

New territory for two souls who barely knew one another

How could you see

Intimidated by the re-wire of my cerebrum

Frantically fighting to find myself


A new soul transformed without constraint

Falling into a new shell

A new bond

A new environment

Uncharted waters drowning amongst ourselves

Alkali metal infused with water

Flowing best it could

No fault

Darkness fell over your heart

Your eyes clouded with a film

Always together regardless

Bound by love

The most beautiful angel to envision

Truth is

Giving up without choice hurts


Agonized by the deceit

The truth only we know

Truth is

You never truly knew me


True love is not so easy to let go

Truth is

Love is truth and sees through all obstacles and elements

Forbidden love worth fighting for

Broken by fear


When she laughs I hear you

Truth is

She looks at me and I see you

Love forever ineradicable

Truth is

You’ll never see my truth

The way I loved you truly


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