What is Love

Loving you is easy
Being loved is art
Life’s got so complicated
Let’s press restart

Letting go has become part of life
Leads me to question this strife

What is Love

It’s the nights we held each other
when we had nothing else to give
It’s the sweet look that you gave me
after I kissed you first instead
It’s the love that lasts forever
even far apart
It’s the valve you can’t shut off
in that big beautiful heart

What is Love

It’s losing a game on purpose
to see the other smile
It’s going on forever and then walking that extra mile
It’s never been easy but who are we to kid
I love you complicated
I really always did

You taught me when you love someone
it honestly stands true
the love will never vanish
never belong to anyone but you

That thing in your chest beating is for me you old fart
I’ll never let you forget it
My big beautiful heart

I hope it lasts forever
and stands the test of time
No matter what you choose
You can always have mine


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