Take The Crown

art carving close up crown

Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

Take the crown take the crown – shut it down shut me down – take the crown take the crown

you left me all alone in this world you built for us to defend against the demons in the dusk

your head must feel heavy from all those lies that you entrust – take the crown – shut me down – shut me down

you wear a cross around your neck while you fuck the girl you wreck and your wife knows not who she chose take the crown

take the crown not of truth but of deceit and many disputes take the crown – shut me down -shut me down

no more lies – no more mask – I’m free of this spell you cast – with a poison from your lips I forsaken another kiss – take the crown – shut me down – take the crown

May you lie in your bed with all those demons in your head – hope they keep you awake for all the souls you continue to take – for your selfishness is too much for one person to entrust – take the crown

you say you’re better than the rest but you’ve left a bigger mess – take the crown – shut me down – shut me down

your twisted mind thinks you deserve to hurt the ones you love but you’ll be judged from up above

take the crown – take the crown – let me go – let me drown – in the sorrows of two souls unbound – you don’t know what you’ve done but you’ll regret this final run – take the crown

A baby sea turtle that motions he’s scared of the very ocean that he walks blindly back into –   Black waters that conceal a fate that makes misery appeal to the shark that lay wait patient and still – take your crown

so forever please leave me be – let me see what’s meant for me – too much time has already passed – enough of pain to last the rest of eternity whose spell was cast by your con – take the crown

i thought you were my fate – my last kiss – my last date – but I was wrong about you for so long – seven years ends in tears – take the crown

your truth will be revealed not by me but when time stands still and you will have to deal with your darkness – take the crown

In all the love I gave it was honest it was brave but now I’ll bury in a grave – walk the trail one more time – say my last good bye – and put to rest this karmic test

you deserve your crown and all the riches of your sounds but the empty life you seek I pray you’ll change in time to be the person I knew for me -for your kids be a better man – pass the crown down to the fans – all the green you desire changed your heart – lost in the fire – flames of desires – pass the crown before it’s too late  – put it down








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