Happy Mother’s Day!

I prayed for a boy mainly because I didn’t want to deal with me as a teenager but God blessed me with the most gentle and sweet little girl instead. I’m so grateful for her. She teaches me so much about how to be more gentle and patient and selfless. She brings a lot of joy into my life and anyone else she meets. She is such a light and has this really creative loud and funny personality that just keeps everyone laughing. I couldn’ t have picked a more perfect baby that pushed me into my hardest and most rewarding job in this life.

My labor with her was traumatic to say the least and I remembered praying that God take my life instead and let her live because after 17 hours of pushing and two epidurals not taking and still feeling everything… I’d lost too much blood to do the emergency c-section. I just wanted her to take my life if that’s what it came down to. It wasn’t until then that I learned the true power of motherhood and the miracle of giving birth. How our natural instinct to care so much for someone we have never met automatically just takes over. It’s very powerful and terrifying at the same time. Luckily she came out healthy but it took me 6 months to regain my strength. I’d do it all over again and I’d say the same prayer. There is no love stronger than the bond between a mother and their child.

The family church ❤️

My granny, who raised me, was a tough no nonsense and strong woman. She had 6 children naturally no pain medication. She had them by herself most of the time because my papa as a drill sergeant in the army was gone a lot or held two jobs at a time. Then when they bought our family farm he was holding two jobs as well as running the farm. She taught me how to work hard, to never start a fight but always finish it, she pushed me to not settle for anything less than a win, to help others in need, to be kind to everyone especially the less fortunate, to be fiercely independent, to never settle, but more important than anything else she taught me to put God first in everything. She is the only person till this day that can tell me what to do and actually listen, her and God. I’m so grateful for her and everything she has done for me.

My mother is my rock now more than ever. She’s been through so much and has still remained full of love. I get my free spirit and forgiving heart from her and my strength and resilience from my granny. I’m so thankful to have them both and to be able to share them with my daughter.

Becoming a mother made me respect all mothers more than I ever did before. You see and feel the sacrifices we take daily to pour into our children and you see how much your mothers and grandmothers poured into you. It’s made me realize how important it is to provide our little girls with love and kindness and a pure and healthy environment because they to will become mothers one day and then grandmothers and I just hope to be that protection and support that she needs to become the best version of us all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. You deserve to be showered and adored today for everything you do and for all the sacrifices you have made. Today is your day.

God bless,


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