Moldy Bread

He can’t stand up for himself so he’ll never stand up for you.

Fear lingers like the broken promises he never intended to make true.

Just told you enough to hold you over until his next lie.

Carrots in the form of a piano, songs, books, and a false cry.

Control and manipulation is his specialty. He wants you to do everything for him until there is nothing left for you and me.

Cuts the circulation right from your soul until you’ve nothing left. The last ounce of strength he’ll use for one more theft.

Did you really believe what he told you was true? You’re the only one I’ll ever love not another you. Yet tries to hide you in the darkness even though they see your light.

Doesn’t feel good to know your worst is always right.

He begs and pleads for you to be patient. He promises a ring too. A baby with you will make this better his last words from a fool.

Heed caution to the coward who never does what he says and leaves you regretting the time you wasted on what became moldy bread.

Sending love to anyone who has suffered emotional abuse from a narcissist. You are strong enough to walk away and find the love that you deserve first in yourself through our Heavenly Father. Break the cycle and take your power back. You are beautiful, worthy, and loved. Psalm 18:2

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