Divide & Conquer or Love & Surrender

I love studying history on war and how nations were brought down by using specific tactics to get people to that point. We are seeing a repeat of old tactics used to divide people and not only conquer but bring down a great nation built on democracy and freedoms that are being threatened.

We are seeing divisions in nations, countries, states, people, families and loved ones. During this time of division it’s important to ground yourself by reconnecting to the divine and going inward.

Political chaos will always be just that. Chaotic and a game of power and control. We don’t have to feed into that though. We can levitate above what we can’t control and focus on what we can.

To dehumanize another is to dehumanize ourselves. When we dehumanize or judge other people based on their opinions we are making our way right and theirs wrong. When in fact we can both coexist peacefully without having to attack another’s character in a disagreement.

It has become a mask v no mask. Vaccine v no vaccine. Natural v holistic medicine. Republican v Democrat.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can both agree to disagree but silencing people and taking away freedoms that were fought for is not ok. What we should be doing is asking more questions. Why are people being silenced? Why is it not ok to ask about or oppose vaccine? Why can’t we agree with parts of both parties instead of being classified as one or another and then labeled as the majority?

People draw conclusions based off of the environment in which they were raised, the people they surround themselves with or have access to, their inquisition or lack thereof, and their own personal experiences.

Government should never control or force a foreign substance into a perfectly healthy body when in fact they have no grounds and not enough facts to back it up.

Who’s auditing the hospitals that have a monetary incentive to code a death as a virus that no one has enough data to track or even detect with broken tests. Who is advocating for the elderly who have been severely ostracized and left unattended through this pandemic. Who will be held accountable for deaths or illnesses brought on by vaccines that are being silenced? Who will protect and advocate for our children when a bill is being presented now demanding that school administrations override parental consent for vaccinations?

We have a right to say no if we don’t want to go with the majority and we shouldn’t be shamed for it.

We have a right to be by our parents side who are sick in the hospitals and be provided a consent form saying we don’t care if we get a virus that has a high survival rate in order to be by their side to advocate for them – fight for them – comfort them and not leave them alone with strangers who do NOT have the same level of love and compassion for our loved ones as we do.

We can stand up for our beliefs without shaming others for theirs. We can still coexist peacefully with loved ones and friends while having completely different views on politics, religion, spirituality, and health. We can and we will.

Don’t let them divide and conquer you from your loved ones. Lean in and learn how to be open and understanding to others who oppose your stance. Be open to change or adapt to other alternatives. Be mindful, be aware, be brave, and love everyone no matter what they believe. You don’t have to tolerate disrespect but you also don’t have to react to it.

Just love everything & everyone – it’s way easier & less exhausting. Focus on your internal growth and fulfillment without needing validation from anything or anyone outside of you. Stand in your truth and let others keep theirs without feeling the need to put down or shame another for a difference in opinion or belief. How you lead your life will testify to others what your values are and they will choose with their own free will whether they accept that path or want to create their own. Free will is a beautiful thing. Respect others journey without feeling the need to change their direction and focus on your own.

Choose to surrender and love. We are all one with the universe and interconnected so be what you want to see. ❤️

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