Don’t be the strongest or the fastest. Be the smartest. Then, be the kindest.

Let the pack chase their prey. Slow down.

Pace yourself until you are able to refocus the pack and the prey in your line of sight.

Suddenly you notice a glimpse of a larger animal slowly following in the shadows. Bigger, more patient, slower, smarter. Ready to take down multiple kills.

You know to retreat because that predator is bigger & stronger and at that moment you have two choices.

Attempt to save the pack
Save yourself

In order to save the pack you have to go back. Catch up. You have to warn them of the danger not far behind. You could die with them or you could save them. That’s the unknown.

The easier path is to save yourself. Run away and never look back.

Survival of the fittest pertains to humans as well but we have something animals don’t – control over our intent.

Elevate above your animalistic desires and ground yourself in love and light. You’ll receive the eternal life absent of the suffering we all experience throughout this realm in the next.

Stay Blessed ❤️ DjOneChain

Featured song: Missio – Wolves

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