Multifaceted Love

We have many assignments in this life and one of the most important of these is to experience love.

It comes in many forms and we are supposed to not just seek to understand the textbook poetry but also live it and feel out the various facets of love.

There is co-dependent and need-based love and expands to the higher form which is guised as the colossal unconditional – Universal Love. There is innocent trusting love that a child has for a parent and then the unconditional love the parent has for the child. There is love of self and then others. There is love when we do something that gives us life and excites us above measure. Love of family, community, friends. Love through appreciation. Playful love, sexual love, selfless love, crazy obsessive love…

The power behind this word can bring down an entire universe and rebuild it depending on the experience of the perception. If taken away can break someone just as fast as it can build in a second with just a look, a touch, or a word.

Just as we are multifaceted so is love. It expands throughout our universe and beyond to what i can only imagine to be an endless realm of galaxies that I am willing to bet can feel the intention behind this word when genuinely extended.

How do you choose to perceive love? How do you choose to experience love? How do you choose to give love?

The more you love the more love that comes back to you. The more you surrender to the universe the more the universe gives you and at times can surprise you with gifts that can be small moments of love but will penetrate the fabric of your being and will radiate through your subconscious for the rest of your existence.

Do you view these small gifts as miracles to even be so lucky to feel or experience or do you take it for granted?

After all, the choice is yours.

Open yourself up to new love, a growing love, or infatuation that is to come or was right in front of you the entire time you were looking backwards. Open you heart, mind, and arms to this possibility, hope, and expansion. Let go of anything that no longer serves you and live in the present. You have new loves to feel out. A new place to venture off to. A new adventure to enjoy. New friends to make your acquaintance.

A heartbeat away, your new life/future awaits. So wake up with a smile and greet life with a new perception of love and see the world again through the bewilderment of your childlike eyes once again.

I love and therefore I am loved in return.

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