The exercise:

We were paired with a yoga partner and encouraged to communicate asking “Is this ok?” while stretching one another deeper into poses individually as well as together.

The particular position pictured revealed that when we communicated affectively and trusted the other person to communicate their needs clearly allowed us to BALANCE our pose with less resistance making it easier to hold.

The messages:

• It’s ok to receive. It’s a gift to give but also to allow others the joy giving as well.

• It’s ok to ask for help. You don’t have to do every on your own and your own way. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world alone. It’s better together.

• Vulnerability is a strength and it takes courage but the rewards outweigh the risk every time.

• When you communicate your needs/boundaries affectively you invite others to do the same which inherently creates a safe space of vulnerability, love, respect, surrender and a deeper connection.

• We are ONE. Loving our brothers and sisters how we love ourselves creates a ripple of unity into the collective.

• Surrender to the universe by doing your part and trusting others to do theirs without being attached to an outcome.

It’s so important to have an uplifting and respectful community of people in our lives who push us to be better. It starts with wanting better for yourself first!

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