Live to die another day 🕊

What if you could write your own eulogy? What would it say?

Recently I laid to rest the old stories of my past. The beautiful and even dark expects of my journey and released it all with honor and grace. I shed tears of grief for the part of myself that I let go of and cleared space for the more empowered version I have become and am wholeheartedly stepping into.

There is beauty in death because it’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. The seasons of life. Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. We transition through these shifts in Spirit as well. The journey back home to SELF. The CELLf that dies and is reborn moment by moment with the turnover of cells and shedding of old beliefs, ideals, identities, and what we felt we had to cling to in order to stay alive…surrendering to the unknown and ultimately floating into freedom of fl⭕️w, UNIon, CELLf, detachment, soveREIGNty, and leaving space for God to work miracles of abundance over our lives that are better and bigger than our human minds can conjure or comprehend.

Like a Phoenix we rise from the ashes like a caged bird that is finally set free. Having a whole new appreciation for the wind beneath our wings and being able to open them up to their full potential. Having a whole new appreciation for being able to soar above the clouds and SEE from a birds 👁 perspective the bigger picture. Having a whole new appreciation for the gift of freedom and having the opportunity to chart our own course.

Grateful for every chapter in my old book and the gift of being able to write anew.

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