Revelation of your purpose

A last minute invite and after reading the description of the live showing I was intrigued.

A conscious intuitive xylophone composer who takes his audience on meditative journeys…

As a composer and percussionist myself I couldn’t turn down the exploration of this new experience.

Chris Dingman graced us with his presence on the stage and turned the spotlight on his audience. He asked us to share our intentions for the evening along with our dreams for the future and creating off the cuff compositions based off of the energy behind the words and intentions.

I’ve experienced sound baths through crystal bowls but this was different. It added an element of soul and spirit for me personally.

I just reveled in the beauty of his passion as an observer and so much appreciation for his ability to get lost in the music.

This new expression brought out different activations and downloads for all who attended. Some experienced visuals. Others a healing effect on the spirit.

We witnessed an outer body experience. What a gift.

Chris shared a personal story explaining how he unlocked this new level of his musical capabilities.

His father had become ill. While in hospice he would come visit him and play the vibraphone. He would get lost in his emotions and healing effects of what came out. This expression emOcean a new phenomenon to share through love with the world.

It is through our most painful moments or experiences in life that we find our own personal purpose. The Divine will over our lives.

We came here to be tested. To be challenged. To re-member who we were meant to become.

A process of refinement and purification.

From light comes darkness and from darkness comes light.

The trials and tribulations you face here now were created by you for you to overcome.

These personal tests were meant for you specifically and they are tied directly into your soul purpose.

Self mastery. The ultimate level of ascension. Completion. Harmony. Wholeness. L🌎VE.

Once we are able to identify our dis(ease) we are able to take initiative to heal it by learning more about who we are and who we desire to become.

Once we are able to heal ourselves we are able to share this with others who are struggling with similar energetic blockages.

The greatest act of love for humanity is to sacrifice ONECELLPH for the greater good.

Just as Jesus died on the cross we all have a cross that we carry.

We must all (choose) to die on our own cross through our own free will and volution to sacrifice ourselves (our own desires of the flesh and self) to serve and teach others how to overcome what we overcame.

This is not an easy choice.

It is much easier to choose the many infinite distractions of life.

There is nothing wrong with exploring all your hearts desires.

However, only a few will choose to leave all that they have known, all their comforts, desires, to follow HIM.

Only a few will have what it takes to denounce the desires of the flesh and step up to the challenge that is overcoming their own addictions and self sabotaging habits.

Only a few will decide that they will be the glitch in the matrix.

Only a few will become the leaders of the new earth that embodies the most pure form of light that will become the safe haven for all the children of the earth.

Only a few truly understand the higher calling that chooses the mission of service to humanity over ones own human desires.

It is not the path for all but for those who resonate and who are called, please know that 👁 see you.

I feel your tears of frustration, I feel the your weight of your love for all of humanity.

The way of the peaceful warrior is not an easy path but it is a noble one.

We are the guardians that have created a quantum wall of protection.

We are the creators of healing spaces for all who seek shelter from the storms that are coming.

We are the army of the light.

There is not one of you who I cannot feel in this moment of transmission.

As we continue to awaken and become activated into our own personal gifts and purpose. May we continue to hold space for one another with patience, kindness, gratitude, faith, and above all the love of our Creator — the very thing we are all made of.

Hold and embody that truth and let us resonate that frequency walking through the valley of death yet protected by the hand of God. We shall not be overcome.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

We are one of many. You are the light. The battle of good to overcome evil is already won.



Featured artist: Chris Dingman

Instagram: @dingmanvibes

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