5 Products You Can’t Live Without During Pregnancy

Here are 5 products I personally have used every single day throughout my pregnancy that have helped me significantly… (TO PURCHASE MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS SIMPLY CLICK THE PICTURES DISPLAYED BELOW) The Magical Heating Pad $16.86 As your baby grows the weight pulls on your back causing mild to severe back pain.  Towards the end of […]

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3 Stories That Prove Juicing Is The New “Cure All” Antibiotic

Mother nature, God’s medicine, a cure better than any antibiotic.  The organic fountain of youth. Juicing is great because your body doesn’t have to break down the food to process it.  All the good stuff is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream making it the fastest method of nourishment. 1)  About 2 years ago my body started shutting down […]

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