Humility: Every Man’s Best Friend

Ego < Humility = Knowledge

A conversation today struck a nerve that sent this message flowing through my fingertips like a crack in the Hoover dam.

You are no better than anyone else.  Never forget that.

That person that just pulled out of rehab?  You know nothing about their journey or where they came from.

That homeless guy on the street?  What got him there you know nothing about.

The man that picks up your garbage?  Supporting 3 kids and his mom who is dying of cancer.  He’s doing the best he can.  Maybe these struggles that he experienced has made him a more caring individual. At least he is trying.

What about the guy that has it all together…

Financially secure

Has a really nice house

Corporate Sales Job

“Can take care of you” (No one can take better care of you than YOU by the way)

What’s really happening?

Personal life is crap.

Does lines off a strippers @$$ every weekend and laughs about it

Cheats on his wife because he’s not happy… he got the “one”  society liked… Mrs. Universe who is what every man dreams of.  Reality?  Emotionally unstable, rude, selfish, insecure, and a horrible mom to YOUR kid.

These people exist.

The point is not to judge them for their choices but learn from them.  What you want or think you want is not always what is best.

Society teaches us that money is priority over values.  I’d rather sit next to the bum on the side of the road who has a kind heart and who gave up everything to help others which is why he is where he is rather than beside the guy in the new Valentino “Newman” suit who pisses excellence at the office and has the heart of Lucifer himself.

You can be successful and humble at the same time but it’s a rarity indeed.

You are only as good as the company you keep.

I want the friends that are there for me when I have nothing so that when I have everything I know they’re still there for the right reasons.  Me and not what I have.  Looks included. It’s just my shell.  It’s not who I am.  I am my soul.  I am what choices I make.  I am who I surround myself with.  I am what I create myself to be.

My granny taught me to be nice to everyone.  Even the maid at the office that collects your trash.  She deserves your respect just as much as the owner of the building.  That is a strong simple lesson I will pass down to others happily.

NEVER think you are better than someone else because you aren’t.  We are all in this together.  Be kind.  Show humility.  Be humble.  LOVE EVERYONE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE LOVED.

2 Comments on “Humility: Every Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Great post!! I’ve seen this time and time again. Life is more than simple material pleasures and job titles, it’s about real experiences and real people. Keeping up with the Joneses is less a victory for ones happiness but more a battle over ones ego. A 6 year old girl once told me the truest words, while in Colombia after spending her life in America she said ” In America we have what we want but in Colombia we have what we need” such wisdom form such a little person. I think one must desensitize themselves to the relentless marketing of what is “RIGHT” and look within, recenter and allow themselves to make their own decisions on what happiness truly is to them. Only then will one see that happiness is not bought but earned through caring gestures between individuals. It is better to be there on the sidelines of someones life than to buy them the stadium and supporting from afar. As for the quality of people in this world, wealth has nothing to do with it except exaggerate inherent characteristics of already crappy people. I do find that when one is more in touch with themselves, one can spot the masks others wear far easier. So unless there is a true threat against you or humanity, respect one another no matter what walk they walk we are all equal just with different stories.

    P.S. Looking forward to next post!

  2. Best quote ever!!!! “I want the friends that are there for me when I have nothing so that when I have everything I know they’re still there for the right reasons. Me and not what I have. Looks included. It’s just my shell. It’s not who I am. I am my soul. I am what choices I make. I am who I surround myself with. I am what I create myself to be.” I couldn’t agree more on what has been said in this blog. You are a strong individual who has and can overcome any fears. That is something to admire about you. Thank you for taking the time to write this inspirational piece.

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