Pure amity

Different ways to dive within
Different realms to explore
Layers to implore

We set the speed and the direction of the sails and allow God to blow us to the next tale

Where we end up no-body -knows yet the best coarse is always to go with the flow

No matter what body of water carries us through another womb to come home to another birth of be-coming new

Phoenix rises from the ashes

How many times must we die to be reborn again

So many crashes of waves against the infinite shores

Of other worlds we get to soar

Exhausted in the em-oceans and oceans of life

Finding peace and solitude above the struggle and strife

Flying back home to the galactic star family

Finding what is most desired experiencing pure amity


If you ever forget how special you are…

If you ever forget how special you are
Look up at the sky and stare at the stars

Remember you are made up of similar miracles, magic, and puff
And you are always in all ways more than enough

On the darkest night in all the year
You’ll shine the brightest and have no fear

Moreover I want you to remember
You are so loved this December

YOU ARE THE GIFT. Your presence in the present is the BEST present to your loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a blessed night.


I walked through the valley of love

I walked through the valley of love – to see what my heart could see

I walked through the valley of love – all roads led back to me

I swam through the ocean of love – dived deep into the sea

I swam through the ocean of love – all shores led back to me

I sing to the heavens for love – how loud must my songs be

I sing to the heavens for love – God told me it’s all within me

❤ DjOneChain

The Fires Within

Igniting the fires within

Brahman rising rooting deep, soft release into the sea.

The serpent swaying smoothly, creative magik soothing truly.

The moon above our heads, The golden heart and the Dejet.

The center cross, compassion all across.

La Luna y el Sol resplandecen en unidad. (The moon and sun shine brightly in unison)

The seed of life intuitively guide us in our journeys.

Showers of flowers, healing light. Our ethereal bodies shinning bright.

Around the fire receiving the gift of healing, the wombs receiving and forgiving.

“Abrete corazon, abrete sentimiento. Habrete entendimiento, deja a un lado la razon Y deja brillar el Sol, escondido en tu interior”

– The Shaman


Congratulations for making it this far in the simulation. Don’t forget to look at where you started and how far you have come.

This next phase is not for the faint of heart.

It will call you to your darkest depths to see if you can alchemize the grunge into gold.

You will be tempted from all angles. Remind yourCELLph of your why.

It’s ok to fall back or get off track. Just don’t allow the stagnation or delusions of the 3D to stop you from your higher calling.

You didn’t come here for a spa experience. A life of ease, comfort, and conformity.

You came here for a specific purpose and stepping into your calling.

God planted a seed inside of you that only you are given access to. Your will can water it or allow it to wither.

It is your divine choice.

May you always reach for growth, ascension, peace, and always find your way back to faith, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

👁 see that many of you have paths that are so painful and difficult to carry to the point you want to give up.

If you see this message it is a sign to keep going and stand strong in your faith that God delivers His promises:

Strength to the wary, love that never fails, redemption, protection, wisdom, forgiveness, freedom, and eternal life.

I’m so proud of you for the pain you’ve been able to transmute into purpose, passion, and love.

Each level unlocks a new level of ascension and mastery.

It is an endless quest and thirst for the betterment of self.

Everything is perfect and divinely timed even in the darkest times.

When we are meant for more we have to learn to transmute heavier traumas and shadows in order to fulfill our soul contract.

Just focus on your work. What comes up for you. Honor the feelings and allow them to move through you without judgment. Send gratitude and love to every part of you and give yourself grace. The people on your path will either step up to meet you or Spirit will align you with a higher connection.

Imagine you had everything and everyone you wanted. Then what?

The biggest challenge and accomplishment in this life is the never-ending pursuit of self mastery. Becoming a master of your emotions, thoughts, and actions.

This dedication requires a certain level of tenacity, discipline, and obedience.

May you reach for the stars of abundance, prosperity, and WELLth within yourCELLph.

May you descend into the depths of your soul and retrieve the light within so that you can share it with the world.

The Peaceful Warrior

My teeth are still sharp I just don’t use them to rip you apart

My claws are retracted and my energy is redacted

External chaos I no longer care to entertain

I wield and alchemize that energy into my inner domain

Attracting what’s needed within

Like a moth to the flame drawing those in alignment times ten

Maximizing my profit of peace

Playing with every emOcean on lease

This life is what you make it is true

Wouldn’t be the same without intention and awareness yet only a few

Can truly innerstand the game I play

The mirror of the universe is what you make it day by day

So who do you want to be in this simulation

Don’t like what you see change the station

Channeling love and light yet embracing the darkness to fortify my sights

Shifting through day and night

Release the illusions and your eye can see

The only ON3 in reality is YOU, ME, & THE TRINITY

God knows the core essence of your soul

Fingertips that reach far beyond the cosmic whole

Let’s raise the blinds and play for keeps

Eternal stakes wagered

What you will you reap

Harmony thru UNIon withIN

Harmony is achieved when in alignment within and is reflected back with both the seen and unseen in the world around us.

What am I?

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

These questions spark a quest to realizing your full potential and leading you on a journey back to CELLph.

We start pure and whole while in the womb. Our soul is one with Source – the void – the Cosmic web/womb to which we will ALL return.

The remembrance of this CONNECTION TO EVERYTHING once fully realized allows you to tap into that unlimited potential.

As we grow we define, limit, repress, suppress, and deny parts of ourselves. We limit and restrict ourselves when we embrace labels and definitions.

We are born into a world divided that says it wants peace yet hungers for profit and power.

The greatest division science and spirituality. Both founded in theory and both defended with the same level of conviction.

Both could coexist in harmony. There is a seat at the table for both to come together and find balance.

The old paradigms of the old earth are dying. The collective will purge while we shift into a higher consciousness. The shift is a death and rebirth and neither will be an easy transition. We are being called to release the old to welcome the new.

Now is the time for us to marry the dualities in this realm so that we can embrace the whole.

It starts within. Marrying the Diving Masculine/Feminine and finding balance and harmony within allows for it to be modeled/embodied so that others can be inspired to do the same.

There is no right or wrong path. Simply learning to allow others the grace to find their own way and focusing on your own authentic and sovereign path invites others to do this as well.

This creates a more balanced and peaceful existence for all.

Now is the time to balance and realign your emOCEANS. Calm your inner turmoil and flow.

You can be plagued by doubt or blinded by love.

You can take the risk or not.

You can react or stay silent and all of these choices can be born from fear or love.

Use this as an opportunity to check in with yourself.

Our actions can be motivated by both in equal measure.

It’s all relative.

Love and fear are two halves of the same whole and each flows into and through the other.

The objective is to not allow fear to take over and prevent you from breaking free of unhealthy attachments, habits, or situations.

If anything in your life causes dis-ease it is an invitation for you to inspect the source of the imbalance.

Life offers both joy and pain yet be mindful to express your human em’oceans’ instead or suppressing them by avoiding, numbing, or escaping.

You have the power to remove to drop the dis and move forward with ease. Transmuting this is a skill once mastered can help you maintain a more peaceful existence.

Collectively we are going through an ending leading us all to a new beginning.

This great release is clearing space for what was more in alignment with our journey.

Release any emotional hooks to the past or old stories/narratives that do not serve your highest timeline.

Control the energy you project by innerstanding yourCELLph, validating your own feelings, and then releasing.

Bringing your unconscious emotional energy into the forefront allows you to master your mind and react in a new way.

Embody the serenity within and be what you want to see.

You don’t have to deny the chaos that will surface but you can choose not to identify with it and instead observe.

You can choose to harness the energy generated by chaos through these shifts in the collective and repurpose it for your own creative outlets, service projects, or visions for greater good.

Self-mastery and mind alchemy used with pure intent can change the world for the better.

It starts with YOU.

When we achieve balancing critical thinking with emotional logic we become more knowledgeable and aware.

Using your life lessons in a productive and constructive manner will bring forth a time of peace and calm over your life and inherently the lives of others in your orbit.

Lift your vibration by listening to this new gem below. Up and coming conscious music producer & keyboardist.

Sending all of my love and light codes to you and your loved ones.

The Valley of Fire

Head to head and heart to heart you saw through my soul from the start

The sweetest medicine you gave calmed me down and showed me a new world all around

You took my hand and asked to dance we entered into a deep lovers trance

A fluttering heart and a warm embrace I was taken to a different place

Our hands felt through the frequencies and angels blessed us with royal regency

You swirled me around and placed your head to mine I lost my vision and became blind

Yet with eyes wide shut I still could see through the window of your soul subconsciously

How could I know your words unspoken? It was as if spirit gifted us with this token.

The serpent and the lion moved on to the land of the wolf in the great beyond

A magical place full of wonder and awe that started in the great grocery hall

Alpha omega beginning and end wondering through a secret passage in

Alex grey greets those who see with pineal purity

Mt. Olympus is revealed as we are surrounded by gods and goddesses in the gravitational field

The most beautiful angels I ever did see communicating so deep and consciously

All gathered together for the greater good sharing visions understood

A fairy with flowers in her hair gifted a moonstone on a rock without despair

The love felt in this container of awe infinitely frozen in time before the fall

The journey continues on to a space without time cinnamon tea prescription on a lovers dime

Back in your arms then torn away to the construct of elite with a constricted airway

Rugged individualists and capricorn moon release while creating a new world masterpiece

Danced with my shadow in glee and transmuted the trigger into love effortlessly

Rainbow brite came to the rescue and helped me find the one who is true

Back in your arms at home once again antennae plays sick beats on level 10

All chakras on blast opening portals with the remote ending on a high note

Back to the tea table to nurse our hearts and open back up to where it all starts

Floating in water and piano notes play as we levitate through another gateway

The ice felt cold but hot at the same time eating the cherries from another timeline

Getting lost in the eye of intimacy deep dives soul ties intricacy

The love that’s here ebbs and flows in this dimension anything goes

The sun rises to a new day dawn another wave we ride on

The tunes are perfect just like everything and I open up for you and sing

Consummated in the valley of fire where two flames become one infused with passion and desire

The stars twinkle bright through the window of a dark cloudy sky on a magic carpet we jump on and lie

The sunrise welcomes another day flying off into the vast array

Live to die another day 🕊

What if you could write your own eulogy? What would it say?

Recently I laid to rest the old stories of my past. The beautiful and even dark expects of my journey and released it all with honor and grace. I shed tears of grief for the part of myself that I let go of and cleared space for the more empowered version I have become and am wholeheartedly stepping into.

There is beauty in death because it’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. The seasons of life. Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. We transition through these shifts in Spirit as well. The journey back home to SELF. The CELLf that dies and is reborn moment by moment with the turnover of cells and shedding of old beliefs, ideals, identities, and what we felt we had to cling to in order to stay alive…surrendering to the unknown and ultimately floating into freedom of fl⭕️w, UNIon, CELLf, detachment, soveREIGNty, and leaving space for God to work miracles of abundance over our lives that are better and bigger than our human minds can conjure or comprehend.

Like a Phoenix we rise from the ashes like a caged bird that is finally set free. Having a whole new appreciation for the wind beneath our wings and being able to open them up to their full potential. Having a whole new appreciation for being able to soar above the clouds and SEE from a birds 👁 perspective the bigger picture. Having a whole new appreciation for the gift of freedom and having the opportunity to chart our own course.

Grateful for every chapter in my old book and the gift of being able to write anew.

The Magical Wizard

Once upon a time there lived a magical wizard in an enchanted forest of duality.

As he travel on a journey to find his purpose in life, he found himself at a crossroads wondering what direction to take.

One road led to a fantasy world where all dreams could come true with faith and the other led to a current reality which could be attained with sight.

On his right hand he held a magical wand that could heal people and on his belt he carried the key of life which could help people live a better balanced life.

As he approached the path of light a dragonfly told him that this road will lead him to the change that he was searching for in his life, a transformation into becoming a better person. He would be able to adapt to many situations and the self-realization to understand himself better.

Then the magical Wizard decided to check out the other side as a BEAUTIFUL butterfly approached him. She told him that the darker road would lead him to freedom by helping him forget the bad memories that he had experienced. He could choose the life that he wants to live. To see no limits in his life and live without suffering in a state of more joy and happiness.

WOW!!! The wizard was so amazed with all the good things that both paths had to offer, but it was going to be a tough choice.

What should I do he said? 🤔

He then realized that he had a very magical symbol in his bag called a lemniscate that would allow him to be in both places at the same time.

OMG he said!!! I can have it all, yeeeeesss!!! He then realized that the key of life is to find our balance within all the aspects that life has to offer. To live life to the fullest and be love. 💗

He then went on to spread the word of what he had learned helping everyone that would be willing to listen. He found so much love everywhere he went and within everyone he met. It made him so happy to help others and he lived with unconditional love for eternity.

The End and a New Beginning that starts right now 🧙‍♂️

❤️The shaman

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