The Choice is Yours…

A message for the collective:

Stop letting the past hold you back. It’s ok to feel your way through tough times but there is a limit to your suffering that you must take responsibility for.

You have the power to move forward in your life and accept what cannot be undone. You will block your life’s blessings and alienate others if you choose to stay stuck.

We make choices, both passive and active, that influence every outcome that manifests in our lives.

Heed the lessons and move on. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Embrace your path and do not be afraid to walk it alone. Holding onto old beliefs can sabotage your future. Be unapologetic in your journey back to self. Don’t let societal constructs control your choices in this life. Authenticity is rare. Real is rare. We can all stand more confidently and burn brighter by being true to who we are and who we were meant to become.

Give yourself the love you wish to receive. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If needed a mentor or guide is a great person to seek in any transitions in life to help you gain clarity.

New beginnings and opportunities are being revealed and it is time for action. Balance your workload and ask for help if needed. Follow your passions and ideas that excite you.

All that surrounds you within your environment is the result of your choices and the choices of others. Even thinking you don’t have a choice in a matter is a choice. So take this time to choose wisely what your next move will be. You can choose to act or procrastinate. It’s up to you the speed but the first step is necessary at this time.

It’s time to say no to others and yes to yourself. The universe supports you in your journey every step of the way. Trust in divine timing and surrender. Have faith that the next step will be made clear once you set in motion and take that first step.

Love & Light

Multifaceted Love

We have many assignments in this life and one of the most important of these is to experience love.

It comes in many forms and we are supposed to not just seek to understand the textbook poetry but also live it and feel out the various facets of love.

There is co-dependent and need-based love and expands to the higher form which is guised as the colossal unconditional – Universal Love. There is innocent trusting love that a child has for a parent and then the unconditional love the parent has for the child. There is love of self and then others. There is love when we do something that gives us life and excites us above measure. Love of family, community, friends. Love through appreciation. Playful love, sexual love, selfless love, crazy obsessive love…

The power behind this word can bring down an entire universe and rebuild it depending on the experience of the perception. If taken away can break someone just as fast as it can build in a second with just a look, a touch, or a word.

Just as we are multifaceted so is love. It expands throughout our universe and beyond to what i can only imagine to be an endless realm of galaxies that I am willing to bet can feel the intention behind this word when genuinely extended.

How do you choose to perceive love? How do you choose to experience love? How do you choose to give love?

The more you love the more love that comes back to you. The more you surrender to the universe the more the universe gives you and at times can surprise you with gifts that can be small moments of love but will penetrate the fabric of your being and will radiate through your subconscious for the rest of your existence.

Do you view these small gifts as miracles to even be so lucky to feel or experience or do you take it for granted?

After all, the choice is yours.

Open yourself up to new love, a growing love, or infatuation that is to come or was right in front of you the entire time you were looking backwards. Open you heart, mind, and arms to this possibility, hope, and expansion. Let go of anything that no longer serves you and live in the present. You have new loves to feel out. A new place to venture off to. A new adventure to enjoy. New friends to make your acquaintance.

A heartbeat away, your new life/future awaits. So wake up with a smile and greet life with a new perception of love and see the world again through the bewilderment of your childlike eyes once again.

I love and therefore I am loved in return.

Tiny Diamonds

You can have a million moments that feel empty yet one moment that fills you up.

A million moments could amount to nothing yet one moment freeze time.

A million moments that amounts to a bag of coal yet one moment to a bag of tiny diamonds.

The one moment that transcends life, makes time stand still, and uplifts your soul above the clouds is the one that makes life worth living.

To find that one moment is rare and some won’t know it when they’re in it until it’s gone but the lucky ones soaked up every second in that moment and will carry it throughout eternity.

Find that moment and savor it like you would a drop of water on a parched tongue in the desert after endless miles of travel on foot.

You won’t get that particular moment again. You’ll chase that feeling for the rest of your life but it’ll never be the same because nothing will ever be able to replicate it and that’s what makes it rare and special.

Cherish today and if you haven’t experienced that special moment, create it.

The War Within

There are many battles we fight as humans.

We are influenced by media, politics, religion and create wars against each other.

However, there is one battle which we all face but many do not acknowledge, care to face, or even if tackled may never conquer. The great battle within.

We victimize ourselves against life’s tragedies, circumstances, or just the hand we are given out of our control at times although most self inflicted.

We dehumanize one another when we differ in opinion. Finding fault in others beliefs just because they don’t suit our own agenda/ narrative/identity.

We are all just doing the best we can. Leaning on what we’ve been taught and our own discernment based off of where we stand in life and our own experiences thus far.

The inner battle is the one to master. The greatest fight. Face yourself before you attack or pass judgment onto another.

It’s so easy and (weak) to focus on another’s faults making your beliefs better or above another’s. Superiority is unbecoming of anyone who wears it.

It’s hard and takes (strength) to look at and acknowledge our own faults and weaknesses.

The greatest war and the most important to conquer is the war within. Facing your fears, guilt, shame, pain and turning them into faith, hope, acceptance, and love. Alchemy of the soul.

While it’s true we can’t save everyone – we can save ourselves. The mastery of self; mind, body, and soul.

The one who stands in truth with pure intentions always wins in the end as they stand on strong foundation which endures every storm for all eternity.


Do you know how penguins know it is time to migrate?

When they are walking and the ice beneath their feet starts to break.

They are walking along as usual, and they feel the ice begin to crack.

This incident, this minuscule and extraordinary event, affects the life of millions of penguins, which, from that moment forward know the time has come. It is time to depart to even less hospitable places, so that they may proceed with their yearly venture of procreating.

It has been like this for millions of years. The ice cracks, and they depart only to return much later with their young, one more to add to their species. It has been like this for millions of years.

And so it will continue to be so.

Man has intuitive skills. He can feel when it is time for things to happen even before the ice breaks beneath his feet. Even before things happen, human beings are able to feel that the time has arrived.

And it has been like this for millions of years.

Man, however, makes judgments. He chooses to believe that he cannot do things or, even if he can, that intuition is not a good thing.

So he covers things up. And so he becomes blocked.

Man blocks his most magnanimous aptitude, his ability to walk before time and ensure that everything happens as it is meant to happen, simply because this is what he has perceived.

Man has a tendency to block out not only this skill but almost every other skill that he possesses.

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t deserve it.”

“This is too good for me.”

These are expressions that, repeated a million times, are likely to become true.

Believe in your intuition. It is powerful and life-changing.

You may not believe anything else, but at least believe in your intuition.

It may not change the world, but it will probably change YOUR world.

And that in itself is already more than enough.

Self – Less

It is not selfish or conceited to follow your dreams and actively work to manifest your goals and desires. The journey of self discovery is one we all should take with confidence, empowerment, and increasing independence. Using your strengths to create, express, and explore.

The journey to self discovery as we all wake up to in different stages of life is focussed more on learning – more about who you are and what makes you happy. YOU know that what you explore will give rise to future self who knows what you want from life without fear to make it happen.

Choose now to begin your journey to self-awareness and empowerment.

Do you know what you want from life? Do you know your goals and desires? If not, it is time to look within and self reflect. Do you know how to express those goals and desires and what steps you must take in order to manifest them? If not it is time to find your voice.

Do not wait for others to offer up answers to you. Seek them within yourself. The only obstacles are those that you create and attract as lessons.

Make sure that too much emphasis has not been placed on financial reward or career goals, to the detriment of other needs and responsibilities. What price are you willing to pay in order to meet your goals? Are you motivated by genuine need? By fear? Or by material desires? These are questions you need to answer for yourself. How important is material gain? How fast do you wish to fulfill financial security and for what purpose?

The goal for all is to have a harmonious home, family, and career. Wherever you are on your path make sure love and family will not be limited by a path that only focuses on financial security.

If you act selfishly consequences of this low vibration may be greater than anticipated.

The Wish Fulfilling Tree

A message for the collective:

Your wishes are being granted. All that you want is yours. When you align with spirit you align with grace.

Surrender your ego and disentangle your heart from societal conditioning based in fear, dominance, greed, victimization – of getting ones personal desires met at any cost. Release control and surrender to the universe.

Trust what is destined for you.

You don’t have to dominate or manipulate others to attain success. It is enough to align with spirit and trust that your inner work will attract what is needed and you will manifest your higher purpose based on your higher frequency.

You attain what you seek by radiating rather than contriving.

Love & Light

True Love

When you love someone, you require nothing in return.

True love is felt and bequeathed.

You have no need to receive. Your love does not fade even when you receive the opposite of what you have offered.

True love is when you simply love.

If you are pleased with what you receive in return, that is wonderful.

But it should not depend on this.

Those who are constantly making demands, who need others to do things in order to be able to love, do not really love.

They have a distorted view of how they would like their love to be.

This is not love. It is an illusion.

Those who require others to do certain things, or say certain things, and be a certain type of person are just being manipulative.

This is not love. It is control.

Those who truly love feel that their love is unconditional.

Theirs is a pure love, genuine and devoid of “ifs” and “buts”.

They simply love.

Just like me.

Just as I love you.

– Jesus

The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer


Destiny doesn’t decide the destination

Only the pit stops along the way

We choose how long we stay and where we stray

Rose colored glasses are fun

Beware the length of the run

Divine intervention may never come until darkness covers the sun

Distractions are for the weak

Facing your fears is the trail to the peak

Do you have the technique

Dreams are the gateway to your soul

Flesh desires take it’s toll

Dividing you from your higher call

Quantum entanglement is real

You choose to feel or conceal

Destiny’s appeal

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Carlo Cooper, my coworkers brother, is the founder and inventor of this unique patent. He’s been a professional drummer for 30 plus years and is very passionate about his design which makes it all the more special.

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