New Hope Day 1 – Refurbished Computer Lab

It’s back at the children’s home in Guatemala, New Hope Coban, my little slice of heaven on earth. This time accompanying me, Mark AKA computer genius, my husband who is going to work his magic in their lab.

We flew in yesterday greeted by my good friend “Pochis” at the airport. He saved my life last time I was in Guatemala. Everything from doctoring my leg after a motorcycle muffler burn to a little stomach bug I caught after enjoying some sausage (not recommended for newcomers) – but tasted amazing. The people here treat everyone like family and are the most hospitable and kind culture I’ve got to experience to date.

Barcelo, the hotel we stayed at, was very nice. Beautiful Christmas decorations welcomed you into the lobby and throughout the halls. The breakfast buffet was to die for! The food here is amazing and fresh everywhere you go. Mashed up black beans you can expect with every meal which is their Guatemalan staple AKA Frijoles.

We caught the bus Monja Blanca at Central Norte to Coban. A breathtaking scenic 5 hour ride throughout the center of Guatemala. A few rock slides were spotted and village people in colorful attire lined the road side when traffic was backed up selling snacks and juice.

Papa Cristian (Father and Founder of New Hope Coban Children’s Home) greeted us at the bus stop to transport us to New Hope, MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! I was overjoyed to see him and could barely contain my excitement on the ride to the children. Once we arrived each child came up to give us a big hug and meet the newcomer, Mark. They each had a big smile which immediately warms your soul I don’t care who you are! They can melt a glacier with their smiles and hugs.

Today’s focus for Mark was to strengthen the WIFI throughout the home and to repair their computer lab.


Starting out today they had 3 working computers and by the end of today we are expecting to have 7 working computers for the children. A very important part of our contribution today was a credit card-sized single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi. This device was developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intent to promote teaching basic computer science in schools.

Mark is planning to teach some of the older children how to write code using a programming language called Python. They will be able to control the Raspberry embedded device once they learn the basics of programming and basic electronics. Our primary goal is for the children to creatively come up with new ideas and ways to utilize the Raspberry Pi building an electronic creation of choice to improve their living conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the Raspberry Pi click below:

We are very excited to see how this technology will make a difference in the children’s lives at New Hope Coban. We are embarking on bettering communities in third world countries through an affordable technology that can build New Hope and a brighter future for children everywhere!


The Children Need Your Help! (New Hope Coban – Misioneros Sin Fronteras)

As most of you already know I am running a marathon to help raise funds to give the children at the home New Hope Coban in Guatemala but my efforts alone are not enough which is why I’m reaching out to you.  These children have sincerely captured my heart during the 3 life-changing months that I spent with them.  They are in need of a new facility so that the home doesn’t have to turn down more children that are in need.  Please help me help these children in giving them a chance at a better life.  It would mean the world to me and absolutely everything to the children.

Please donate (any amount is appreciated) to support these children

You can definitely feel the love in the short documentary about the home above. What the children go through before they enter the home will absolutely break your heart and it’s within our power to make sure that no child has to be turned away because the raised funds will provide more living space, educational resources, medical facilities and so much more to better the lives of the children in need.  I will be keeping you updated on how these funds are being used by the home in the upcoming months.

Thank you so much for your support!

Featured Artist: FAUL

Sneaky beats that make you figuratively do backflips in your mind… coming in hot from under the Eiffel Tower.

FAUL, a new up-and-coming Dj/Producer, will captivate your spirit with his jazzy deep house compilations.

Catch him if you can by checking out his world tour dates!  (Sorry America – still pending on the list)

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Run for New Hope Coban #RUN4NHC

This year has been a beautiful time of growth and change for me personally and professionally.

I left corporate America and my career behind, sold my car, and all of my possessions earlier this year to fund a mission trip to live and work for 3 months this summer at a children’s home in Guatemala.  This journey changed my perception of life, family, and unconditional love forever.  I had found God, a new spiritual family, and a passion to serve God’s children.

I came back after spending 3-months at the home. As soon as I arrived in Atlanta I had to start all over from scratch.  I got a job, a place to live, a car again just to realize that this was not where I belonged anymore.  My experience at this children’s home had changed me.  Conversations with most people were very difficult.  When I wanted to talk about humanitarian work or new projects most people just cared to talk about where they were going out this weekend, what movie they were going to see, or the new outfit they just bought although this is meaningless chatter that I once would have gladly chimed in to.  This change made it seem like I had lost my taste for normality.  I didn’t fit in anymore.  No one understood.  I was no longer interested in this life here.

I made the decision for the second time this year to sell everything again so I could do humanitarian work full time as a career.

My new found passion was the children’s home, New Hope Coban, and to continue my humanitarian work.  I wanted to help take care of all my new little brothers and sisters I fell in love with and help them build the home to grow and save more children from the jaws of poverty.

The difference between this home and a typical orphanage is that the children are not kicked out at 18 years of age.  They are offered a chance to stay at the home as long as they would like.  After they receive their certification at the trade school in Coban most of the older children choose to come back to help with the little ones as they are treated like one big family.

I learned that the infant mortality rate is an overwhelming 70% due to children suffering from malnutrition and as they age the likelihood that they will complete school dwindles significantly.  The children’s home hit full capacity in August of 2013 and for the past year unfortunately they had to turn hundreds of children away.

I will be running my first marathon, the Disney Marathon, in January 2015 to help raise funds for construction of a better Children’s home for my new little family.  This home will be able to house more children so that more lives will be saved from horrifying conditions and in turn be given education, food, spiritual guidance, and an eternal family full of unconditional love and support.

My goal is to raise $1000 for each mile.  Please help share this story to shed light on my efforts so we can save more children and give them NEW HOPE for a brighter future.

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What’s Your Legacy

Everyday you are given on this planet is a blessing. It is an opportunity for you to try to be a little better than you were yesterday.

A few years ago I decided to start putting that statement into action. I made a choice to be the best version of myself daily. I looked at it like this: I will mirror what I would like for my future children to become. I mean if that doesn’t knock home for you I don’t know what will. Act and be who you want your future children to become. If you don’t want children then act and be who you would want to see.

Sometimes that means letting things and people go that aren’t good for you. The reward however is worth your life.

I recently sat through a seminar based off the foundations of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

One of the questions really sits heavily on your self worth and makes you reflect deeply on how you want to be viewed from those you love:

“Imagine 20 years from now and you are surrounded by the most important people in your life. What types of things would you like to hear them say about you?”

Just take a moment and actually write out your answer.

I love this exercise because it allows you to actually see what your deepest desire for change is. If your loved ones don’t view you this way then make it a goal to acquire these characteristics that you admire. It is possible.

This also got me thinking about how I want to be remembered after I’m gone.

I personally just want to inspire others to live a life of passion and purpose and actually emit the light they wish to see in others.

Anything is possible though if you truly believe in yourself.

What will your legacy be?

Love & Light


Featured Artist: Montmartre

Underground Parisian duo setting in off under the Eiffel Tower!

Montmartre ties in smooth acoustics and synths with French/Electro/Pop/Club/ & Indie.  All this combined leaving a warm fuzzy feeling in the depths of your soul.

Inspired by love, inspiration, and music which I’ll happily condone.

Check them out and show them some LOVE ❤




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Featured Artist: Nicolas Haelg

A Swiss music producer that brings his own spice to deep house.

Melodic piano melodies with a nice transformative back beat that’s warms your soul.

As a piano player and composer he mixes the perfect sounds including a bit of old school tracks enhanced with a new flare.

This artist’s numbers are sneaking up on Soundcloud.  Meet the next big DJ from Switzerland. You are welcome.

Enjoy more of his tracks and catch these free downloads while you can.


Featured Designer: Alchemist

One of my FAVORITE graphic designers on Design By Humans ***drum roll***  the infamous Alchemist

All his designs are out of this world.  His name gives it away.  Check out this colorful new creation with strategically placed elements that you music lovers have to appreciate.

Titled: Stolen Note

This is a steal for sure at only $24!  They also have sweatshirts available!!!


Featured Artist: Illenium

WARNING: This music will make love to your mind.  If you are operating heavy machinery STOP.  You will need to be in park for this…

Illenium AKA Nicholas Miller side stepping on the music scene with SEXY sounds bringing melodic trap to another level.

July 1st, 2014

I don’t get super personal on this page very often just because I don’t want to bombard people but today is a pretty big day for me. 2 years ago I had a close call with some not so friendly substances. If it wasn’t for a few people in my life I wouldn’t be here and every day I am grateful that I made it. After i got out of that hole… I found music. It has been one of the greatest parts of my life since then. I downloaded Ableton, got some plugins, and learned how to play some piano by making some not so good remixes. I thought they were gold at the time though. I spent every second I had on learning what I could about production and I fell in love with losing myself in melodies, progressions, and some bass.  my goal with my music is to get all of u to have a similar reaction. I’m not trying to make the next Beatport banger that has virtually no substance… I would so much rather connect with people through my music. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all u guys getting rowdy as possible at my shows. I look at it as u guys taking care of my share.  I hope you can relate to this and I can’t wait to share some of these new tunes with you that mean a ton to me. Sorry for the essay!  love ya’ll.”  – iLLENIUM 

What a great example of how music can change your life! He is not on tour YET but keep your eye out for this up and coming muse.  He is going to BLOW everyone out of the water.

Keep grindin and shinin amigo.  Music is inspiration.  Music is love.

❤ Illenium



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Featured Artist: Alex Cruz

Smooth evolutional sound that will kidnap your mind…

Another great DJ from the Netherlands, Alex Cruz, perfects chill house creating an ambient daze.  What I’m trying to say is his transitions are smoother than a baby’s butt.

Catch him if you can:

Tour dates:
Oct 17 & 18, Festival, Ozark Mountains, Arkansas, USA
Oct 19, Dimanche, NYC, USA
Nov 4, Dublin
Nov 6-25, Asia Tour
Nov 29, Vingt-Cinq, Lichtfabriek



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