Featured Business: CooperGroove Drum Sticks

Voted the BEST drum sticks in 2019!

CooperGroove has by far the coolest drum sticks I have come across and I have played percussion for 20 years. The non slip grip and grooves is what sets them apart from the original.

I work for a major airline and a coworker of mine had a pair of drumsticks sticking out of her travel bag and I had to learn more. They had grooves in the handle which I had never seen before and a non slip red colored dip on the end. I HAD to play them. I instantly fell in love with the look and feel.

Carlo Cooper, my coworkers brother, is the founder and inventor of this unique patent. He’s been a professional drummer for 30 plus years and is very passionate about his design which makes it all the more special.

The light rubber feel dip alongside the grooves in the handle keep your hands from sweating and allow you to play with ease making them perfect for playing any length of time desirable.

I love to help promote and support small businesses that are rooted in passion and heart. This is one I can stand behind and root for and truly believe in their products!

You can purchase a pair on :


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Stay blessed ❤️ DjOneChain


It’s so easy to get lost in the world around us. Completely absorbed in the politics of life that we get consumed with the external and forget to focus within.

Just a simple spontaneous trip with a friend, change in environment, or time with family can heal so much. We get wrapped up in pain or circumstances simply forgetting all the good that we are and how to just live and enjoy life in the present moment.

You meet no-one on accident and every soul that crosses your path is a blessing regardless of the outcome. We are all each others teachers not one above the other and if you truly keep yours eyes open you can see the love we all carry and the pain and heaviness in this life. We are all connected and here to connect, help, love, and share with one another. There are no coincidences in life. They are signs and I am a firm believer that we all carry messages meant for others at different times and this grand design is not for us to understand completely but to enjoy and aid when we can our gifts to this experience.

I endured a lot as a child and many battles I shouldn’t have had to fight so I shelter mine more than ever to ensure she doesn’t have to fight like I had to. We all have different paths and purposes and the hardest ones are the greatest testimonies. I didn’t ask to become a warrior. I was welded in the fires of life into this strong willed woman who has become this impenetrable force. In a sense it has made me weak because of my fear of love and vulnerability but I learn everyday through my daughter and her father and friends and lights that have come into and left my life how to become less rock – more water. So much gratitude pours out when I focus on everything that I have now and everything I have become and conquered. Battles I’ve won that only the spiritual realm can appreciate and fully know.

My gift to this world comes through leadership, inspiration, introspection, writing, song, and charity and aligning that with God’s purpose for my life.

I know that every time I share and make myself vulnerable in truth I’m helping at least one person to know they’re not alone and giving them some insight into their own life and sourcing the healing they need to grow and evolve into another light to shine for others.

When you feel the heaviness of life look up to God and look within. It is human to feel pain and in that and through it is when we grow and gain discernment.

We often see success and failure in the same light as we do life and death. To succeed is to live and to fail is to die or worse still, to descend into poverty, mediocrity, and obscurity. We become fixated on being the best, succeeding at all we do and yet still fail to thrive. We may find we aren’t happy or healthy. Sometimes finding when you do accomplish your goals you are rewarded with wealth and prosperity but still unhappy. Are you so fixated on acquiring possessions that you have forgotten that happiness and wellbeing begins within you? Are you truly living?

There is often so much going on around us in our day to day that we disconnect from our body, thoughts, and emotions – to such an extreme that we lie to others and ourselves when we answer “I’m fine” regardless of our true feelings or physical health. This is an act of self-preservation, and hides our vulnerability, our weariness, our dissatisfaction, and our (dis)ease – from others. We may be afraid to be honest, because to do so could reveal our weaknesses in a world where we must always be strong in order to survive and succeed. The sad truth is that we may not only be doing it in order to hide our true state from others, but to hide it from ourselves.

Look at your life and determine whether your path heals you or harms you. Are you living a fulfilling life that you love, or are you simply enduring, and dying a little more each and every day?

You have the power to change direction. Reconnect and listen to what your body, mind, and spirit is telling you – to work with them instead of against. Rip off the layers of illusion, the protective armor, the masks, and look at what lies beneath. That, my love, is where true healing begins.

What is love?

Love creates hope which under extreme circumstances has scientifically been proven to pull humans through unbearable odds… but what is it?

What is love?

The source of your first contact with love would come from your mother then as you grow you witness what you believe it is supposed to look like through your parents and how they interact with you and each other – or whoever raised you.

So wouldn’t we all have different levels we accept as love and what that looks like, feels like? Is it constant? Consistency? Sacrifice?

God’s love is the only pure source we can truly base what the most infinite boundless love to base our perceptions off of but what of that between human connections?

Some love is considered loyalty, time, or what one is willing to give without expecting anything in return.

How long can love truly last when it’s not reciprocated equally? When it’s not valued or respected?

Love for our families or children is different from that of a significant other. How then do you compare?

Inquisitively I have pondered this question and just as we are multi – dimensional beings so is the actual concept of love and should be respected and treated as such. However true that is why do we insist on making what we want or need it to be in a moment instead of surrendering to the boundless phenomenon of what love is?

The more I know the more I realize the less I actually know and as I grow through this journey of life I am humbled by lessons that I continue to learn from all who I have loved and have loved me. So let’s let love stay free because true infinite love cannot be described – defined – or articulated fully, only felt.

“Love and you shall be loved.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunkissed Mountain Tops

The sun reaches up over the horizon

And the first light of day kisses the snow on the mountain tops

Flying over a vast space of range where no human life seemed to exist I wondered if anyone had ever explored some of the valleys below

A dried up floral design stretched over large spaces of land what used to hold rivers and streams now shallow crevices

Alas the grandest mountain that brings any man to his knees in servitude of its majesty

Small little one off establishments of humans finally passed made me wonder what they did to be able to live so far off the beaten path

The further from youth the more you learn to appreciate nature, solitude, and the more simple things in life like coffee

The Flame

Red, orange, and white blended perfectly in the flame of love

The more freedom it has the brighter it burns which can be seen far away up above

It’s glow warms you up slowly in the darkness of each night

Illuminates your way endlessly and dances in your sight

Some people try to catch it and are drawn to its light

They like how beautiful it is and how it burns so bright

They try to possess it and manipulate it to control its source

They desire the energy it emits which they lack ofcourse

What they don’t understand is when they catch and tame the flame inside

They kill the oxygen it needed and the life it did provide

Heed these words as caution and protect what is your flame

There will be many who come to conquer it and relentlessly proclaim

Possessive love in any form is constricting to our souls in this life

Once held captive in its presence it kills what once burned bright

True love is kind and free and strengthens whilst maintain

Let go and let love breath, and your life will never be the same

In endless ways it will endure, grow ebb and flow

Unrestricted love you let breath is the best you’ll ever know

Featured Business: M.I.L.E.

How do you M.I.L.E. (Make it look easy)?

How do you make it look easy? (M.I.L.E.) is an athletic and casual clothing line that will be dropping soon!

I met the founder years ago as my Uber driver in San Francisco. We became instant friends and now I am so happy to help promote his new business venture.

The foundation of the company was built to share inspirational stories from people all over the world who have succeeded in their life goals and passions, how they persevered and made it look easy.

Follow their instagram account for exclusive first looks at their new merchandise!


A Lesson in Letting Go

Such a beautiful and perfectly timed lesson

Enjoy ❤️

In order to receive something you have to release something

Certain changes are not embraced they have to be forced

Exodus 15:5

Pharaohs plagues were Israelites freedom

If a lot is coming against you that means God has put a lot in you

Lord allows something around you to shut down and die so something within can come alive

Certain freedoms in our lives have to be forced

The only way that God sets us free from certain things he has to take them away

God has taught me to appreciate the little things like eating out, my health, freedom, my family, my job

Gratitude in life’s smallest pleasures allows more blessings

You can’t move forward until you can let go of what you’ve been holding on to

Releasing what you have no control over

Romans 12:1-2

Just because you’re used to it doesn’t mean it’s normal or good for you. The old way has to die for a new way to come alive.

You’re stuck in something that is old. New blessings cannot be received because of what you can’t release.

You can either conform or transform

Set your agenda from within and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Israelites never got to say goodbye to Egypt and even though it was killing them- it’s what they knew. Even if something is not what you want it’s what you know which makes change and transitions harder to allow to trust God with faith and the challenge of letting go of something when you don’t even know what you’re reaching for yet.

The way God changes us is through transforming you on the inside

God is allowing us to unlearn how the world works to see how he works.

What’s in front of you is greater than what you’re leaving behind

When you tighten your fists and clench you’re muscles and then release that is what happens when you release control and look around at what you have left instead of what you have lost.

Release your need to know.

Shed everything that doesn’t serve a purpose or come from God.

God making your habits new to come into alignment with your new heart in Christ and shatter the patterns that have kept you in prison and set you free to worship him out of a lifestyle, relationship, yourself, your old way of thinking, your ego

The old is gone and the new has come.

The only way for Israel to step into freedom was to completely leave Egypt.

❤️ Elevation Church

The Golden Retriever

The picture of loyalty

The strut of grace

The saddest eyes

But beautiful face

The blood of a winner

The coat shiny and neat

The toss of a ball

You bring back to my feet

Reliable and kind

Your old soul knows best

When your master calls

You wield no rest

The years have been hard

This winter quite cold

But for some reason

You never fold

The once shiny strong mane

Now scattered with grey

Your love endures forever

It doesn’t stray

Now a limp in your run

A sharp pain down your spine

You still don’t give up

Although you do pine

The last years are easy

You’ve gone through enough

With shelter and comfort

Your spirit is tough

The best thing a dog can teach you in this life rings true.

Nothing more Important than to love and be loved in this life and through the next too.

Redeeming Love

I know I promised you my best

I feel I failed the test

Let fear speak right through to me

God said my child just let it be


You see I never left your side

You took control and let me ride

I’m only here to hold your hand

And lead you to the promised land


Right now I feel I’ve lost my way

I feel I lost another day

I don’t know what else to say

but I can’t go on this way


I said God I can’t let this go

I’ve hit this never-ending plateau

I’ve lost all faith in everything

Here you can take the reins


God said you never lost your way

I saw your eyes looked sad everyday

so I said can I help you please

Will you have trust in me?


You see I never left your side

You took control and let me ride

I’m only here to hold your hand

And lead you to the promised land


I said I’m sorry God you’re right

I don’t need to win every fight

I was never truly free

Until you redeemed me


Life gets really hard sometimes

Some can be so unkind

I put my trust in the blind

Until you redeemed me


Thank you so much for your love

Unending pure euphoric love

Something only found from within and above

Thanks for redeeming me


Sending love and light to everyone through this pandemic.  May we all find a way to transcend above it by placing our trust and faith in him.


Proverbs 3: 5-6

Isaiah 41:10

Psalm 37:5

1 Corinthians 2:5

Mark 10:52


It’s not personal. It’s internal.

Don’t take what others do or say to you so personally.  The way others treat you or speak to you is their own personal drama.  It has nothing to do with you.  The way you react and respond or tolerate that drama is your personal drama.  It is your job to understand your reaction to what others do or say to you and it is up to you to create those healthy boundaries. If you’re not happy that is your problem and your responsibility.

You’re not a victim and no person or situation is good or bad. It’s just simply lessons we have to learn.  Our life is a compilation of the choices we have made that got us to this point. You can either surrender to it and accept the lessons with gratitude and grace and grow from it or you can place blame on others for your distress.  Everything in life is a choice and our lives a product of those choices.

When you’re angry with someone your anger is just a result of a lesson you have yet to learn or need to and once that lesson is learned you can turn your anger into understanding and use it to evolve. Anger is ignorance and I say this from a place of humility and love because these lessons are lessons that I have learned and have to remind myself of daily.

We all know that exercise is good for us and aids to the longevity of our life but doing it daily or weekly is a discipline that we have to nurture just like our internal dialogue and emotional health.  I am tougher on the people I love the most because I hold them to a higher standard but I realize too often that my expectations are unrealistic and unattainable because I myself strive for perfection that I’ll never reach and I have to learn to relieve those closest to me of that as well as myself. I/We have to learn how to love ourselves and our flaws and only then can you love others for their true selves. All one in this life really ever wants is to be loved, accepted, and appreciated.

When we are born we are perfect in every way. An image and a likeness of God.  As we grow we are taught from our parents how to navigate our emotions and we receive energy in those moments or are depleted of it.  We all have a way of controlling others whether it’s consciously or subconscious. We learn this in childhood from our mentors/parents. We must go back to our past and truly understand how this habit is formed. This is called your control drama. It’s the way you were conditioned through your family experience.  You have to take your emotions out of it to logically examine why your parents became who they were and why you became who you are as a product of them.  Once you can do this and understand it your real life will start to take shape and you discover who you really are and your purpose in this life.  Everyone manipulates for energy either aggressively or passively.  A good example of this is just paying attention to how you feel after spending your time around someone.  They either leave you feeling depleted or energized. Once you recognize your own drama you are released from the act you play and are freed to find a higher meaning for your life.  There is a spiritual reason you were born to your family. This is the path to find your true destiny. You have to uncover the things you learned from your parents and what you would do better and do it as a part of your journey because after all we are not only a physical representation of our parents but also a spiritual one. Their imprint on you had an immutable effect. Look at that from a higher perspective and figure out what they stood for and from that figure out what you stand for. Take time to clear your past so you can transcend past it and the cycles you keep experiencing or ruts you get stuck in.

Sadly most do not levitate from the ego.  They either do not want to do the inner work to relinquish it or can’t see past their own drama cycles. However, if you allow what you learn from your past childhood family experience you can use it to focus on a higher truth beyond the energy conflict. This will bring you more clarity on your path and when you start to recognize syncronicities or Godwinks then you know you are on the “right” path. We all have a spiritual purpose that we have been pursuing without even realizing it.  Think back to everything that has happened to you since birth and all the friends, relationships, life altering events and bring those meaningful moments into consciousness. This will reveal your evolutionary identity.

I’ve experienced these coincidences (signs) when I’ve listened to my heart my internal compass and followed God’s path for my life which lies in all of us. It’s not a path that anyone else can understand but you. It is why people meditate or need time alone to hear it.  When you clear your drama and rise above it you can walk in the light and follow your destiny with clarity and pure good intentions.

Love & Light


The Celestine Prophecy


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