Featured Artist: Yiruma

Yiruma, sent down from the heavens to reveal what true love sounds like.  He is arguably the best pianist and composer of this decade.  

When The Love Falls invokes true emotion from your heart.  It gets right in there.  That is what a great composition will do. Yiruma will tug on all of your emotions leaving you short of breath at the end of each song.

Yiruma began playing the piano at the age of five and then moved to London in 1988 to study at the Purcell School of Music, where he graduated in July 1997.  He was the first Korean artist to be invited to perform at the 2002 MIDEM in Cannes, France. 




Featured Artist: Calvin Rodgers II (Cal-Rod)

Hip hop with a flare.  Cal-Rod is a shining example of what making your dreams a reality is all about. 


Hard Work



Muses include: Tupac, The Beatles, and Kanye West.  His featured track “Dear God” was a time in his life where he dreamed what he would ask God if he met him. “Out of respect and pure curiosity as we live in this timeline on earth, what would you ask God?” he asks.


“With that track it was all about not being afraid but honest and to speak on a honest subject about some real problems in the world.” 

Calvin’s music career has taken off as well as business ventures.  His new single #Houseparty is being played in over 18 states and overseas.  He is capitalizing on his rap game and is CEO of Music World Order music label. 






Watch out for this up-and-coming artist as he shares his new sound with the world! 

Featured Artist: Kav Verhouzer

This hidden pearl can be found throughout different hot spots in the Netherlands.

He fuses deep house and jazz which makes his sound unique and almost therapeutic to listen to.  

Kav’s desire is to bring back feeling in house music.  I can feel it in this featured track.  Can you?


His music promotes good vibes all around.  Great job Kav!  Keep doing what you love and  sharing your passion with the world.  We’ll be listening out for more great tracks to come!

“I believe music is about a feeling, and to share this feeling with each other. I make music because i love to share this feeling with you. How to describe this feeling? I don’t know, i don’t care. But i sure know it feels great. Enjoy your weekend.”  – Kav

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KavVerhouzer/info

Website: http://www.kavverhouzer.com/media/

I Believe:

I believe in signs.  I believe in the supernatural spiritual realm.  I believe in God. I believe in energy.  I believe in the laws of attraction.  I believe in the good in people.  I believe in love.  I believe in focusing on the light.

I believe we are all angels.  I believe heaven is a state of mind and can exist in the here and now.   I believe God is everything and in us all.

I believe.  Do you?

3 steps to a happier YOU

In order to welcome LOVE into your life you have to be where you want to be. You need to find security and happiness within before you can find happiness with another person.

I found, personally, that once I started focusing on myself and my goals everything fell into place effortlessly. I changed my motivation in life from money to passion and this kick started a positive transformation that overflowed into all areas of my life.

If you want to know the secret it’s simple. Start with your thoughts. The mind is a powerful tool. Changing your thoughts will change your world. If you are unhappy with where you are follow these steps to get back on track.

1) Make your motivation PASSION not money

Putting money first leads you into salvery. Most likely you will end up working for someone else’s vision and passion… not yours. You will not be living your full potential and you will not be fulfilled.

Figure out what you’re passionate about then turn it into work then figure out how to help others and wahlaa that’s the secret sauce to finding happiness. You will be living a life of purpose and passion. It’s way more gratifying than a large paycheck.

2) Change your thoughts

Happiness starts with your thoughts. Sounds simple but this is the hardest part. Once achieved it is the foundation to leading a healthier and happier life.

Start becoming aware of your inner thoughts and write them down. Like what you see… I doubt you will. Your mind has been conditioned by the environment your were raised in and what you have allowed into your life since you reached adulthood. Being happy is work. You have to create a new pattern of routine. Writing down each day one thing you are grateful for. Going to bed with a happy thought. Focusing only on what you can control starting with your attitude towards people and life. To build a new habit takes approximately 22 days. Get to work.

3) Love

Love others for who they are. You can’t change anyone around you. You can lead by example though. Be careful who you surround yourself with because that is what you will become. You also have to learn to love yourself first. I hear people voice their weaknesses and downfalls and its horrible. Don’t put yourself down. Focus on what you like about yourself. If you can’t think of anything you like start building a new you with traits and characteristics that you admire in others.

This is a daily discipline that you have to implement everyday. The beginning is the hardest part… just like riding a bike. It get’s easier.

The human potential movement is here. Welcome aboard.

Here´s to the ¨Women¨ who travel SOLO


It takes a strong woman. One who knows fear is just an illusion. Reasons to go against your dreams are just excuses. She will risk everything to never lose that excitement and passion for life, to live… really LIVE!

I sold all of my stuff to go volunteer at a children´s home in Guatemala. On my journey to get my passport stamped in Belize I met a young beautiful girl from Arkansas on a boat ride. She was in Belize studying abroad for 3 weeks at an organic farm. She said 3 weeks wasn´t long enough for her so she decided to lengthen her trip and backpack across Guatemala with no set plans. Started in Tikal, then to Antigua, Lake Atitlan, and back. She said everyone told her not to do it. They said it would be dangerous and she shouldn´t go alone. I told her they told me the same thing. Truth is people are nice. The world is beautiful. There is so much to see and traveling alone could be the best experience of your life! I applaud the ladies that are fearless and are full of adventure and spirit. Those are the women I resonate with. The free spirits. The souls that can’t be confined. The women who are open minded. Respect other cultures and want to learn about the world.

Speaking to the young girl she explained how she hadn´t realized how big the world is. Now that she had a taste of freedom and saw how easy it was to travel she had plans to continue after graduation. She said she would go teach English in Spain. (She met a hot Spanish guy that she wanted to reconnect with ;)) Then maybe join a crew on a sailboat and sail across the Atlantic. She was implementing her dreams into goals and aspirations.

Ladies… and gentlemen. YOU CAN DO IT!

What are you waiting for? GO explore the unknown. Volunteer abroad and experience a new culture while receiving fulfillment in helping others along the way.

http://www.Workaway.info <—–is amazing and free accommodations and ratings. Just do it.

I´ve never felt more alive. I´ve never been so grateful for life. God was very happy when he created this world we live in. GO explore it. Tomorrow is never promised and yesterday is gone. LIVE FOR TODAY. LIVE A LIFE OF PASSION AND PURPOSE.

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