Hope for the Homeless

The world is breaking open and the shifts are felt throughout the collective. The Divine order destined is coming to fruition and those who built their house on solid foundation will not be moved.

There is a restlessness that screams to every Spirit to listen to that inner knowing we all have within. The dis-ease becomes prevalent and manifests in the body when emotional and spiritual stresses are suppressed or ignored.

We are being called back to our higher selves. The higher timeline that is being formed will leave behind those who have chosen not to step into their purpose and sovereignty.

As the homeless population grows in the physical reality the same can be seen in the spiritual realm. Many who are lost are searching for home. They are searching for that feeling of serenity, safety, and fulfillment in the external manifestations of the perceived reality of sight. Home, however, can only be found within. Healing one’s spirit can only happen once it starts to release long-held fears and negative thoughts towards oneself and others. Dissecting the root cause of ones suffering starts by INNERstanding your own family patterns and the deeper spiritual issues that lie dormant.

Today I chose to be obedient when God told me to gift bags of healing to the homeless community nearby. So I went to the store, bought bags, and filled them with essentials, water, gratitude journals, and seeds of flowers. I was led to 7 different souls who looked up in gratitude when I handed them their gift but i saw fear, defeat, and a lot of pain in their eyes. I blessed the water, wrote powerful messages/scriptures inside their journal and reminded them they are loved, protected, and worthy. The seeds I planted will grow in their hearts and the hope i left them with will be extended to another one day. The flower seeds I left with them will allow them to sow their own seeds to allow them to SEE they too can leave behind a beautiful mark on this world.

If we all just helped one soul a day with a kind genuine compliment, gesture, or gift the world would burn brighter in the light that is the most powerful source of all which is LOVE.

After my excursion today rain poured while the sun shined bright and a double rainbow appeared. The spiritual promise of peace, prosperity, abundance, balance, new beginnings, and a powerful transformation within all the realms of heaven and earth.

The good you do comes back times two. The latter is true, too.

The truth is all the homeless are not HOME-less. The home within is within us all begging for us to re-member our calling and purpose for the greater good of humanity.

May we all find home within so we can share the light of love that extends beyond the perceived boundaries of human consciousness.

We are eternal beings here to experience the beauty that lies within every facet of this life in the NOW. The ease, the pain, the suffering, the joy, the connection, the love all has it’s place and purpose. It is necessary for our growth and expansion to face a seemingly impossible blockage to allow us to transmute to a new level of awareness and survive. Chaos is an invitation for change and the wise one sees this as an opportunity to re-create a completely new game that we create in conjunction with other life on this planet harmoniously.

Affirmations in closing:

I AM in harmony with my souls purpose.

I belong here just as much as the stars in the sky.

The universe exists in every cell of my body.

I AM the embodiment of love, expansion, wisdom, courage, and grace.

I AM grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

I AM stepping out of victimhood and into Spiritual maturity and radical self-love.

I AM coming HOME to my natural state of LOVE.

So it is written. So it shall be done.

Your inner child awaits

It’s great to be ALIVE and THRIVE!

Remember to allow your inner child to flourish, prosper, expand, rise, shine, develop, grow, and fly high into the ether.

Remember to love the child in you through a creative channel that invokes exhilarating joy.

When was the last time you glowed from the inside out?

When was the last time you laughed until you cried?

When was the last time you cried until you laughed?

When was the last time you set your inner child free without restriction or judgment?

So many outlets can allow that inner child to be filled with love, purpose and connection.

You can dance, sing, write, paint, express however your soul needs to release, surrender, and be set free.

A reminder that peace is in the presence of every moment to be fully lived in love, joy, and gratitude.

This is an invitation from my inner child to yours to come out and play with me as you play with you. I am you and you are me and all is ONE.

A Ripple of Love

Can you imagine?

Imagine we wore the words we say to ourselves painted for everyone to see on our body.

Imagine you could see the weight of the words we carry on our skin.

Imagine you had to walk around with these words on your entire body for all of the world to see.

What would yours say?

Would it change the way you look at or judge others? Yourself?

I imagine for myself it would be a vulnerable and humbling experience.

I imagine I would be more mindful of the words I feed my soul and others.

I imagine I would be more kind and forgiving if I could see what burdens my brother or sister are already carrying.

If we all wore our own insecurities, judgements, thoughts for the world to see I believe the world would want to add more words of love, encouragement, and kindness.

I explained to my daughter if she witnesses an adult that’s angry to imagine they have a child on the inside that’s crying and that child is either hungry, sleepy, or needs a hug/love.

So if you encounter anyone who is unpleasant, rude, sad, angry, distant, or even if they wear a smile… they can always use more kindness, understanding, and love.

We can ALL use more kindness, INNERstanding, and love.

Be the ripple of love today and every other day in a world that silently cries.


The exercise:

We were paired with a yoga partner and encouraged to communicate asking “Is this ok?” while stretching one another deeper into poses individually as well as together.

The particular position pictured revealed that when we communicated affectively and trusted the other person to communicate their needs clearly allowed us to BALANCE our pose with less resistance making it easier to hold.

The messages:

• It’s ok to receive. It’s a gift to give but also to allow others the joy giving as well.

• It’s ok to ask for help. You don’t have to do every on your own and your own way. You don’t have to carry the weight of the world alone. It’s better together.

• Vulnerability is a strength and it takes courage but the rewards outweigh the risk every time.

• When you communicate your needs/boundaries affectively you invite others to do the same which inherently creates a safe space of vulnerability, love, respect, surrender and a deeper connection.

• We are ONE. Loving our brothers and sisters how we love ourselves creates a ripple of unity into the collective.

• Surrender to the universe by doing your part and trusting others to do theirs without being attached to an outcome.

It’s so important to have an uplifting and respectful community of people in our lives who push us to be better. It starts with wanting better for yourself first!


FLOW STATE: let it go – let it flow

How do you flow with the tides? Do you get anxious when it sweeps you out into the vast deep waters and allow yourself to focus on the unknown that lies within the depths of ocean in our subconscious or do you float with the current? Tides that sweep us out allows us to come back to the shoreline at an angle with ease yet a direct swim back on the path that carried you out is a constant push against a force that is telling you to surrender and that we can’t go back the way we came. We have to trust in the journey and have faith in the alternate path back to shore.

If we allow it nature can teach us so much.

How do you play with your energy? Do you fight against the natural tides of change or do you flow out on faith into the unknown? Do you proceed with excitement or fear?

💫 We are being called to draw back to Source.
💫We are being called to feel to heal to release and start anew.
💫We are being called to surrender to the universe.
💫We are being called to focus on all the good that comes out of any shifts in the physical and spiritual realm.

Start asking yourself:
How good can it get?
What good can come from this?
What are the gifts here?
How can I serve the greater good of humanity?

Radical acceptance in what is allows you to call in what could be but the true power lies within the present that is presence with self & Spirit. You are never stuck. You can always change what you see. You have the power overt your life and your circumstances. It’s time to remember who you are without the confines of a conditioned society.

Ascend out of the chaos and into unconditional love. Understand that anything lost is gained in lessons and new perspectives – an opportunity to appreciate what was lost. Complexity transmuted back to simplicity.

🦋A new creative venture is on the horizon. See it as a positive change.
🕊Feel and allow a deeper sense of peace to fill you now.
🦄The magical and unique qualities of your untapped potential are unfolding now.

Cupio Dissolvi

Cupio dissolvi is a latin term meaning, “I wish to be dissolved.” Philippians 1:23-4 a desire to leave this earthly life and join Christ in eternal life. However, you can join Christ in Spirit on earth now. You don’t need to experience leaving this dimension to connect to Source that is already within each and every one of us. Christ consciousness is light and the other source of energy is dark. Both have a place that give purpose to balancing out the duality of life and all the tribulations that lie within it. You decide which you pull from every day by living in your truth or hiding behind masks. Realize that fear is a test of your resolve to live in the energy of love. Your dreams and desires are calling you to action. The journey back to self, Source, Spirit begins today. Let love guide you to your highest potential.

Message to the collective:

Loosen the grip on your attachments and problems and release them. This does not mean pretend your problems do not exist. It simply means by letting go you allow Spirit to heal your mind and heart. Imagine them dissipating into the luminosity of the universe and calling in that feeling of complete freedom with limitless possibilities. Why hold onto what you wish to be freed from?

You may hold on to pain hoping that a certain person would acknowledge the harm that was inflicted but they may lack the emotional capacity and spiritual development to grant that heartfelt apology. We can sometimes punish ourselves by holding on to pain and impossible unrealistic standards of inhuman perfection when you could forgive yourself and move on.

Spiritually we have the power to call back our sovereignty by taking accountability for our part and releasing the low vibrational victimization mode of what you couldn’t control. This forgiveness frees yourself and others which in doing so you will gain so much inner peace and freedom to move forward in your life.

Let go of what you think and engage with how you feel.

Divine love is not just emotional as it is transfiguring. We are never separate from those we love. They become a memory held in the water of our cells and radiate through every fiber of our being when called in and released with gratitude for the moments of light that remains.

You have a beautiful and uplifting outcome that is ready to be delivered by the universe once this space is cleared. Trust in Spirit, let go, and RECEIVE.

  • Place a hand on your heart and connect to the flow of your breath. Feeling your heartbeat and breathing in Love and out in Gratitude. Close your eyes and take 7 slow and controlled breaths in and out.
  • Imagine a white light peering through the center of your heart and it slowly grows and consumes your entire being until no lines can be depicted from the light as it radiates so bright.
  • The feelings of joy, peace, and love is experienced.
  • These feelings are absorbed into every cell of your body, mind, and heart.
  • Release your offering of whatever attachments, worries, or troubles you held as it passes gently into the light so it can be dissolved and transmuted into lessons and love.
  • Let everything go and become one with the Light.

It’s all DIVINE

Dry your eyes beautiful child. Can’t you see you’re mine.

In your eyes beautiful child we leave nothing behind.

Close your eyes my sweet child and feel the love that’s there.

It started in your heart before you felt any despair.

So no matter what you face you carry love within.

What you see in others is reflected in your skin.

You’re light and star dust sparkles across the milky way.

You’re everything the world needs on a dark and rainy day.

Open your eyes my beautiful child and see the miracle that you are.

You’re everything I made you to be and a wish on someones star.

You’re worthy of the love you seek and it’s just within your reach.

Go within and connect with me so we can continue to seek.

The trial you face today will be gone by tomorrow.

So dry your eyes my beautiful child and rejoice in every sorrow.

Deep into your soul resides the source DIVINE within.

Hold a mirror to your face and there lies the prodigal twin.

No matter how lost you may feel in this test know that I remain TRUE.

So wipe your tears beautiful one and know I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


What is life

What is life without another mountain to climb

What is love without sacrifice

What is light without darkness

What is a butterfly without its cocoon

What is truth without lies

What is good without evil

What is courage without fear

What is breath without oxygen

What is flesh without Spirit

What is God without faith

What is intent without action

What is day without night

What are words without expression

What is man without struggle

What is life without service

What is life without hope

What is life without purpose

What is life without you

Calling In Your Soul Tribe

Collective energy reading:

It’s time to take a trip. Go somewhere healing and quiet where you can unplug, meditate, rest, and reset. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and be grateful for the gifts you have been given. It’s time to release the mistakes of the past. Forgive yourself and others for what has been done and see the hidden blessings. Everything happens exactly as it was intended.

You’re not stuck in life. Entrapment is the great illusion of a system created by man. Lacking self-confidence will make you feel hopeless. Don’t be afraid to take your power back and take action. The power lies within. This starts with taking responsibility for your life. Follow your path and not the path others expect of you. Make sure to ask for help when needed or allow others to help you.

This is the end of a painful cycle which brings relief and is a huge weight off of your shoulders. The next chapter is a spiritual quest and a drastic change of priorities. You have regained your power and freedom. Be proud of yourself for this accomplishment. Act on your dreams and allow your creativity to express itself through your work.

A new passionate beginning is right around the corner. Once you fully release what doesn’t serve you this will allow space for people that are more suited for the trajectory of your life. When you emulate your intentions and beliefs with transparency this will call in others who are in alignment with who you are and who you want to become.

The creation of this new embodiment will include compassion, charisma, and a firm foundation of prosperity.

Stand firm in your faith at this time. Stay focused, trust your instincts, and protect your energy.

The Untamable Will

The bellows of the earth aid in the hearth.

The shape of a mane no will of man can contain.

Red embers burn bright magnifying the light.

Released all ones sins fuels empowerment and love from within.

Steady pace picks up steam the more freedom one is keen.

To flow over all the land. A grandiose master plan.

Not even the fates get to decide the destiny of this ride.

No fear now in sight. Only forward with all its might.

The power you hold within bound with God for an eternal win.

Masterfully integrating the air of breath fueling the Spirit to complete this final test.

So much beauty to behold a strong will of light that never folds.

Transmuting darkness into light. A seemingly endless yet fulfillIng plight.

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