It’s all DIVINE

Dry your eyes beautiful child. Can’t you see you’re mine.

In your eyes beautiful child we leave nothing behind.

Close your eyes my sweet child and feel the love that’s there.

It started in your heart before you felt any despair.

So no matter what you face you carry love within.

What you see in others is reflected in your skin.

You’re light and star dust sparkles across the milky way.

You’re everything the world needs on a dark and rainy day.

Open your eyes my beautiful child and see the miracle that you are.

You’re everything I made you to be and a wish on someones star.

You’re worthy of the love you seek and it’s just within your reach.

Go within and connect with me so we can continue to seek.

The trial you face today will be gone by tomorrow.

So dry your eyes my beautiful child and rejoice in every sorrow.

Deep into your soul resides the source DIVINE within.

Hold a mirror to your face and there lies the prodigal twin.

No matter how lost you may feel in this test know that I remain TRUE.

So wipe your tears beautiful one and know I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


What is life

What is life without another mountain to climb

What is love without sacrifice

What is light without darkness

What is a butterfly without its cocoon

What is truth without lies

What is good without evil

What is courage without fear

What is breath without oxygen

What is flesh without Spirit

What is God without faith

What is intent without action

What is day without night

What are words without expression

What is man without struggle

What is life without service

What is life without hope

What is life without purpose

What is life without you

Calling In Your Soul Tribe

Collective energy reading:

It’s time to take a trip. Go somewhere healing and quiet where you can unplug, meditate, rest, and reset. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and be grateful for the gifts you have been given. It’s time to release the mistakes of the past. Forgive yourself and others for what has been done and see the hidden blessings. Everything happens exactly as it was intended.

You’re not stuck in life. Entrapment is the great illusion of a system created by man. Lacking self-confidence will make you feel hopeless. Don’t be afraid to take your power back and take action. The power lies within. This starts with taking responsibility for your life. Follow your path and not the path others expect of you. Make sure to ask for help when needed or allow others to help you.

This is the end of a painful cycle which brings relief and is a huge weight off of your shoulders. The next chapter is a spiritual quest and a drastic change of priorities. You have regained your power and freedom. Be proud of yourself for this accomplishment. Act on your dreams and allow your creativity to express itself through your work.

A new passionate beginning is right around the corner. Once you fully release what doesn’t serve you this will allow space for people that are more suited for the trajectory of your life. When you emulate your intentions and beliefs with transparency this will call in others who are in alignment with who you are and who you want to become.

The creation of this new embodiment will include compassion, charisma, and a firm foundation of prosperity.

Stand firm in your faith at this time. Stay focused, trust your instincts, and protect your energy.

The Untamable Will

The bellows of the earth aid in the hearth.

The shape of a mane no will of man can contain.

Red embers burn bright magnifying the light.

Released all ones sins fuels empowerment and love from within.

Steady pace picks up steam the more freedom one is keen.

To flow over all the land. A grandiose master plan.

Not even the fates get to decide the destiny of this ride.

No fear now in sight. Only forward with all its might.

The power you hold within bound with God for an eternal win.

Masterfully integrating the air of breath fueling the Spirit to complete this final test.

So much beauty to behold a strong will of light that never folds.

Transmuting darkness into light. A seemingly endless yet fulfillIng plight.

Cold but unafraid

Him: I’m scared

Her: Why?

Him: I’m afraid once I cross over I won’t see you again or anyone else I love. The unknown, the darkness, the thought of it all scares me.

Her: You will cross over into the most beautiful and peaceful part of our existence. The ones you love who have crossed over will greet you. You will never be separated from your loved ones in this realm and if they call you through memory or strife your spirit draws near. You see, my love, separation in this reality is the greatest illusion.

Him: (His eyes grew heavy, a single tear slowly streams down his cheek, a faint smile) thank you for all of the love you gave and the memories we shared…

His hand slips off the tips of her fingers as he drifts away from the physical reality.

Cold but unafraid.

His eyes still open but empty.

Softly she takes her hand and closes the curtains of his soul yet could still feel his presence within.

Star dust once again and a rebirth of a new timeline.

The flow of life takes but gives in return.

She leans in and holds her forehead to his and communicates to his spirit her last goodbyes to the empty physical form.

She pulls back and walks out of the room and never looks back.

A heavy yet full heart beats fast as she fights tears of gratitude.

Her: I’ll see you on the other side of eternity.


There are many people who believe that life works through signs.

If things go well, if they flow, you should go ahead with them.

If they do not flow, you should abandon them.

And there are many people who pay no attention to these signs.

But once they realize coincidences do not exist, they attempt to “read into” life.

By way of signs, of course.

But that reading is still very rudimentary. “If everything works out, move forward. If there are obstacles, go back.”

And they apply this formula to everything. And since they are open to life’s signs, they think the ego is under control. This could not be further from the truth.

If life is easily “legible,” why hold the Higher Self and the Essence in such high esteem?

Because only they can answer your most profound questions.

Whatever goes unanswered by your Higher Self and your Essence is answered by the ego, and therefore it will not be resolved.

So think along these lines:

There is something I must do, and that something requires a lot of commitment on my part. So life is going to come up with various obstacles in order to test how committed I am.

Imagine that during this time you give up because you feel that the obstacles are a sign for you to step back.

Do you see why it isn’t so cut and dry?

And now you ask:

How can I tell when the obstacles are a trap to test my commitment and when they are a sign that things will not work out?

How do I know?

Your Higher Self . That is the answer. Only your Higher Self can tell you what to do. Only your Higher Self can point out the parameters of that initiative.

If you are still unable to connect with your Higher Self, use your intuition.

Never use your mental dimension. Never use your ego.

So now that I have explained the basics of coincidences and signs, let me kiss your forehead so that you may feel at peace.


The Book of Light

Give To Yourself

I do not want to receive what you wish to give me.

Do you know why?

Because you do not give yourself anything.

You want to give me everything.

And do you know something?

I cannot receive anything unless it has come through your essence.

If you do not give yourself anything, you are not giving me anything.

I need things with soul. It is with your soul that you communicate with me.

Everything you do for me lacks soul, because it does not come through you, through your filter, through your soul.

Everything you are going through at the moment has a name: lack of essence.

The Universe takes from you so that you will look inside yourself.

Never forget this.


Book of Light*

The Only Way Out Is Through

Divine masculine energy reading:

Happiness is closer than you realize. A rewarding outcome is ahead but the key to receiving this will be slow and steady progress. Do not make any hasty decisions at this time based off of emotion. You’re hurt at this time but staying strong and stoic and positive in the face of hardship. Allowing fear or frustration to rule you will only weigh you down at this time. Look at how far you have come! Do not give up now even if you need rest take it but keep moving forward. Stay dedicated to your vision .

The fear and need you have experienced in the past is a feeling you have become accustomed to but are learning to break. These two things can destroy harmony and peace within all aspects of our lives, especially relationships with others. If you are lonely and seeking a partner or escape to alleviate that loneliness you are likely to attract the exact relationship you are trying to break free from which will emulate that exact frequency of need and fear. You may be able to build upon this unstable foundation built into dependency however all too often destined to fail. Ask yourself if you want a relationship that is the meeting of two minds and hearts as equals, free from doubt and insecurities that erode and weaken the bonds of love? If so, it would be wise to have that loving relationship with yourself and address the doubts and fears so they are no longer the driving force or motivation for seeking a relationship. Stop looking for wholeness within your relationships instead focus within. No one can make you happy they only can give you fleeting moments of a feeling that can only be sustained by going within and focusing on that security and happiness that lies within all of us with discipline and consistency. You have to learn how to give what you wish to receive from others. Once you are content within you will be content without whether you are with someone or not. As above so below.

Do you have conflict between your perceived reality and beliefs? It’s time for a need of honesty and the courage to let go of self-deception that is being held to hide and protect from a painful reality. If you have low self-esteem, a demeaning inner voice, or an inability to handle criticism it reveals and reinforces a low opinion that is already held. Take off the masks. Sometimes a smile hides guilt, blame, judgment, regrets and a pain that you may be in denial about. This gentle intervention is a reminder to remove the mask and blindfold. Let go of the lie that all is okay and that you are happy and allow yourself to address the thoughts and beliefs that you have been thinking poorly of yourself. See and face the inner demons that have you believing you are not worth or deserving of true love and happiness. Show your true self, wounds and all. Address the source of the negative self beliefs/inner talk and give yourself the opportunity and time to heal. Allow others to help you. Make sure they have your best interests at heart. You are not alone and you are loved. Understand the advice and constructive criticism others offer at this time is not an attack but a welcomed lesson that will help you heal and grow.

Control – the ultimate Illusion

A message for the collective:

Go with the flow of life with trust and faith. Relinquish control over all relationships and outcomes and believe that what is meant to be will be.

The only thing you can control is your mind, perception, and intentions. Do that well and you can regain your power and stand firm in your present while creating a future that suits your personal desires.

Once you know you have done everything you can. You can lay back and rest and allow yourself to learn, heal, and grow into the next season seamlessly.

When you feel the need to control others or a situation that is born from fear. You try to maintain the illusion of control. When you do this you not only stunt your own growth but those you love that are closest to you. We can create the pure intentions and can be motivated by love but divine timing is a huge factor and influence. You only have partial influence but the rest is up to faith.

The more you force influence and control the more you risk sabotaging your hopes and desires and inherently manifest the exact opposite outcome of the one you had in mind.

Can you hold onto water? This is exactly how you should hold onto life. Let it flow and allow it to be. Detach emotionally and let go of expectations which will create space for faith.

The universe will match your frequency so raise your vibrations by practicing the abundance mindset. The more your surrender the more you grow.

The Choice is Yours…

A message for the collective:

Stop letting the past hold you back. It’s ok to feel your way through tough times but there is a limit to your suffering that you must take responsibility for.

You have the power to move forward in your life and accept what cannot be undone. You will block your life’s blessings and alienate others if you choose to stay stuck.

We make choices, both passive and active, that influence every outcome that manifests in our lives.

Heed the lessons and move on. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Embrace your path and do not be afraid to walk it alone. Holding onto old beliefs can sabotage your future. Be unapologetic in your journey back to self. Don’t let societal constructs control your choices in this life. Authenticity is rare. Real is rare. We can all stand more confidently and burn brighter by being true to who we are and who we were meant to become.

Give yourself the love you wish to receive. You can’t pour from an empty cup. If needed a mentor or guide is a great person to seek in any transitions in life to help you gain clarity.

New beginnings and opportunities are being revealed and it is time for action. Balance your workload and ask for help if needed. Follow your passions and ideas that excite you.

All that surrounds you within your environment is the result of your choices and the choices of others. Even thinking you don’t have a choice in a matter is a choice. So take this time to choose wisely what your next move will be. You can choose to act or procrastinate. It’s up to you the speed but the first step is necessary at this time.

It’s time to say no to others and yes to yourself. The universe supports you in your journey every step of the way. Trust in divine timing and surrender. Have faith that the next step will be made clear once you set in motion and take that first step.

Love & Light

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