Harmony thru UNIon withIN

Harmony is achieved when in alignment within and is reflected back with both the seen and unseen in the world around us.

What am I?

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

These questions spark a quest to realizing your full potential and leading you on a journey back to CELLph.

We start pure and whole while in the womb. Our soul is one with Source – the void – the Cosmic web/womb to which we will ALL return.

The remembrance of this CONNECTION TO EVERYTHING once fully realized allows you to tap into that unlimited potential.

As we grow we define, limit, repress, suppress, and deny parts of ourselves. We limit and restrict ourselves when we embrace labels and definitions.

We are born into a world divided that says it wants peace yet hungers for profit and power.

The greatest division science and spirituality. Both founded in theory and both defended with the same level of conviction.

Both could coexist in harmony. There is a seat at the table for both to come together and find balance.

The old paradigms of the old earth are dying. The collective will purge while we shift into a higher consciousness. The shift is a death and rebirth and neither will be an easy transition. We are being called to release the old to welcome the new.

Now is the time for us to marry the dualities in this realm so that we can embrace the whole.

It starts within. Marrying the Diving Masculine/Feminine and finding balance and harmony within allows for it to be modeled/embodied so that others can be inspired to do the same.

There is no right or wrong path. Simply learning to allow others the grace to find their own way and focusing on your own authentic and sovereign path invites others to do this as well.

This creates a more balanced and peaceful existence for all.

Now is the time to balance and realign your emOCEANS. Calm your inner turmoil and flow.

You can be plagued by doubt or blinded by love.

You can take the risk or not.

You can react or stay silent and all of these choices can be born from fear or love.

Use this as an opportunity to check in with yourself.

Our actions can be motivated by both in equal measure.

It’s all relative.

Love and fear are two halves of the same whole and each flows into and through the other.

The objective is to not allow fear to take over and prevent you from breaking free of unhealthy attachments, habits, or situations.

If anything in your life causes dis-ease it is an invitation for you to inspect the source of the imbalance.

Life offers both joy and pain yet be mindful to express your human em’oceans’ instead or suppressing them by avoiding, numbing, or escaping.

You have the power to remove to drop the dis and move forward with ease. Transmuting this is a skill once mastered can help you maintain a more peaceful existence.

Collectively we are going through an ending leading us all to a new beginning.

This great release is clearing space for what was more in alignment with our journey.

Release any emotional hooks to the past or old stories/narratives that do not serve your highest timeline.

Control the energy you project by innerstanding yourCELLph, validating your own feelings, and then releasing.

Bringing your unconscious emotional energy into the forefront allows you to master your mind and react in a new way.

Embody the serenity within and be what you want to see.

You don’t have to deny the chaos that will surface but you can choose not to identify with it and instead observe.

You can choose to harness the energy generated by chaos through these shifts in the collective and repurpose it for your own creative outlets, service projects, or visions for greater good.

Self-mastery and mind alchemy used with pure intent can change the world for the better.

It starts with YOU.

When we achieve balancing critical thinking with emotional logic we become more knowledgeable and aware.

Using your life lessons in a productive and constructive manner will bring forth a time of peace and calm over your life and inherently the lives of others in your orbit.

Lift your vibration by listening to this new gem below. Up and coming conscious music producer & keyboardist.

Sending all of my love and light codes to you and your loved ones.

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