The Only Way Out Is Through

Divine masculine energy reading: Happiness is closer than you realize. A rewarding outcome is ahead but the key to receiving this will be slow and steady progress. Do not make any hasty decisions at this time based off of emotion. You’re hurt at this time but staying strong and stoic and positive in the face […]

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Control – the ultimate Illusion

A message for the collective: Go with the flow of life with trust and faith. Relinquish control over all relationships and outcomes and believe that what is meant to be will be. The only thing you can control is your mind, perception, and intentions. Do that well and you can regain your power and stand […]

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The Wish Fulfilling Tree

A message for the collective: Your wishes are being granted. All that you want is yours. When you align with spirit you align with grace. Surrender your ego and disentangle your heart from societal conditioning based in fear, dominance, greed, victimization – of getting ones personal desires met at any cost. Release control and surrender […]

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