Hope for the Homeless

The world is breaking open and the shifts are felt throughout the collective. The Divine order destined is coming to fruition and those who built their house on solid foundation will not be moved.

There is a restlessness that screams to every Spirit to listen to that inner knowing we all have within. The dis-ease becomes prevalent and manifests in the body when emotional and spiritual stresses are suppressed or ignored.

We are being called back to our higher selves. The higher timeline that is being formed will leave behind those who have chosen not to step into their purpose and sovereignty.

As the homeless population grows in the physical reality the same can be seen in the spiritual realm. Many who are lost are searching for home. They are searching for that feeling of serenity, safety, and fulfillment in the external manifestations of the perceived reality of sight. Home, however, can only be found within. Healing one’s spirit can only happen once it starts to release long-held fears and negative thoughts towards oneself and others. Dissecting the root cause of ones suffering starts by INNERstanding your own family patterns and the deeper spiritual issues that lie dormant.

Today I chose to be obedient when God told me to gift bags of healing to the homeless community nearby. So I went to the store, bought bags, and filled them with essentials, water, gratitude journals, and seeds of flowers. I was led to 7 different souls who looked up in gratitude when I handed them their gift but i saw fear, defeat, and a lot of pain in their eyes. I blessed the water, wrote powerful messages/scriptures inside their journal and reminded them they are loved, protected, and worthy. The seeds I planted will grow in their hearts and the hope i left them with will be extended to another one day. The flower seeds I left with them will allow them to sow their own seeds to allow them to SEE they too can leave behind a beautiful mark on this world.

If we all just helped one soul a day with a kind genuine compliment, gesture, or gift the world would burn brighter in the light that is the most powerful source of all which is LOVE.

After my excursion today rain poured while the sun shined bright and a double rainbow appeared. The spiritual promise of peace, prosperity, abundance, balance, new beginnings, and a powerful transformation within all the realms of heaven and earth.

The good you do comes back times two. The latter is true, too.

The truth is all the homeless are not HOME-less. The home within is within us all begging for us to re-member our calling and purpose for the greater good of humanity.

May we all find home within so we can share the light of love that extends beyond the perceived boundaries of human consciousness.

We are eternal beings here to experience the beauty that lies within every facet of this life in the NOW. The ease, the pain, the suffering, the joy, the connection, the love all has it’s place and purpose. It is necessary for our growth and expansion to face a seemingly impossible blockage to allow us to transmute to a new level of awareness and survive. Chaos is an invitation for change and the wise one sees this as an opportunity to re-create a completely new game that we create in conjunction with other life on this planet harmoniously.

Affirmations in closing:

I AM in harmony with my souls purpose.

I belong here just as much as the stars in the sky.

The universe exists in every cell of my body.

I AM the embodiment of love, expansion, wisdom, courage, and grace.

I AM grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.

I AM stepping out of victimhood and into Spiritual maturity and radical self-love.

I AM coming HOME to my natural state of LOVE.

So it is written. So it shall be done.

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