Tiny Diamonds

You can have a million moments that feel empty yet one moment that fills you up. A million moments could amount to nothing yet one moment freeze time. A million moments that amounts to a bag of coal yet one moment to a bag of tiny diamonds. The one moment that transcends life, makes time […]

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The Flame

Red, orange, and white blended perfectly in the flame of love The more freedom it has the brighter it burns which can be seen far away up above It’s glow warms you up slowly in the darkness of each night Illuminates your way endlessly and dances in your sight Some people try to catch it […]

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The Grass Is Not Greener But…

Always shooting to catch a bigger wave. In retrospect there is no assurance that there will ever be a bigger wave so why not enjoy the ride on the one you caught? Ever notice how people who have lived in the same place their whole life never see the beauty in their surroundings? Everyone wants […]

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