A Ripple of Love

Can you imagine?

Imagine we wore the words we say to ourselves painted for everyone to see on our body.

Imagine you could see the weight of the words we carry on our skin.

Imagine you had to walk around with these words on your entire body for all of the world to see.

What would yours say?

Would it change the way you look at or judge others? Yourself?

I imagine for myself it would be a vulnerable and humbling experience.

I imagine I would be more mindful of the words I feed my soul and others.

I imagine I would be more kind and forgiving if I could see what burdens my brother or sister are already carrying.

If we all wore our own insecurities, judgements, thoughts for the world to see I believe the world would want to add more words of love, encouragement, and kindness.

I explained to my daughter if she witnesses an adult that’s angry to imagine they have a child on the inside that’s crying and that child is either hungry, sleepy, or needs a hug/love.

So if you encounter anyone who is unpleasant, rude, sad, angry, distant, or even if they wear a smile… they can always use more kindness, understanding, and love.

We can ALL use more kindness, INNERstanding, and love.

Be the ripple of love today and every other day in a world that silently cries.

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