The Children Need Your Help! (New Hope Coban – Misioneros Sin Fronteras)

As most of you already know I am running a marathon to help raise funds to give the children at the home New Hope Coban in Guatemala but my efforts alone are not enough which is why I’m reaching out to you.  These children have sincerely captured my heart during the 3 life-changing months that […]

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Peace in the Moonlight

While sitting in the Dasher Memorial Heart Center today the intercom breaks my families conversation with an alarming, “CODE BLUE (pause) FOURTH FLOOR”.  We were waiting for results after my step dad’s open heart surgery… Code Blue: when a patient is “crashing” Our hearts skipped a beat and it took a second for us to […]

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I Believe:

I believe in signs.  I believe in the supernatural spiritual realm.  I believe in God. I believe in energy.  I believe in the laws of attraction.  I believe in the good in people.  I believe in love.  I believe in focusing on the light. I believe we are all angels.  I believe heaven is a […]

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