The Magical Wizard

Once upon a time there lived a magical wizard in an enchanted forest of duality.

As he travel on a journey to find his purpose in life, he found himself at a crossroads wondering what direction to take.

One road led to a fantasy world where all dreams could come true with faith and the other led to a current reality which could be attained with sight.

On his right hand he held a magical wand that could heal people and on his belt he carried the key of life which could help people live a better balanced life.

As he approached the path of light a dragonfly told him that this road will lead him to the change that he was searching for in his life, a transformation into becoming a better person. He would be able to adapt to many situations and the self-realization to understand himself better.

Then the magical Wizard decided to check out the other side as a BEAUTIFUL butterfly approached him. She told him that the darker road would lead him to freedom by helping him forget the bad memories that he had experienced. He could choose the life that he wants to live. To see no limits in his life and live without suffering in a state of more joy and happiness.

WOW!!! The wizard was so amazed with all the good things that both paths had to offer, but it was going to be a tough choice.

What should I do he said? πŸ€”

He then realized that he had a very magical symbol in his bag called a lemniscate that would allow him to be in both places at the same time.

OMG he said!!! I can have it all, yeeeeesss!!! He then realized that the key of life is to find our balance within all the aspects that life has to offer. To live life to the fullest and be love. πŸ’—

He then went on to spread the word of what he had learned helping everyone that would be willing to listen. He found so much love everywhere he went and within everyone he met. It made him so happy to help others and he lived with unconditional love for eternity.

The End and a New Beginning that starts right now πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

❀️The shaman

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