Your inner child awaits

It’s great to be ALIVE and THRIVE! Remember to allow your inner child to flourish, prosper, expand, rise, shine, develop, grow, and fly high into the ether. Remember to love the child in you through a creative channel that invokes exhilarating joy. When was the last time you glowed from the inside out? When was […]

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The Wish Fulfilling Tree

A message for the collective: Your wishes are being granted. All that you want is yours. When you align with spirit you align with grace. Surrender your ego and disentangle your heart from societal conditioning based in fear, dominance, greed, victimization – of getting ones personal desires met at any cost. Release control and surrender […]

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It’s so easy to get lost in the world around us. Completely absorbed in the politics of life that we get consumed with the external and forget to focus within. Just a simple spontaneous trip with a friend, change in environment, or time with family can heal so much. We get wrapped up in pain […]

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