The Valley of Fire

Head to head and heart to heart you saw through my soul from the start

The sweetest medicine you gave calmed me down and showed me a new world all around

You took my hand and asked to dance we entered into a deep lovers trance

A fluttering heart and a warm embrace I was taken to a different place

Our hands felt through the frequencies and angels blessed us with royal regency

You swirled me around and placed your head to mine I lost my vision and became blind

Yet with eyes wide shut I still could see through the window of your soul subconsciously

How could I know your words unspoken? It was as if spirit gifted us with this token.

The serpent and the lion moved on to the land of the wolf in the great beyond

A magical place full of wonder and awe that started in the great grocery hall

Alpha omega beginning and end wondering through a secret passage in

Alex grey greets those who see with pineal purity

Mt. Olympus is revealed as we are surrounded by gods and goddesses in the gravitational field

The most beautiful angels I ever did see communicating so deep and consciously

All gathered together for the greater good sharing visions understood

A fairy with flowers in her hair gifted a moonstone on a rock without despair

The love felt in this container of awe infinitely frozen in time before the fall

The journey continues on to a space without time cinnamon tea prescription on a lovers dime

Back in your arms then torn away to the construct of elite with a constricted airway

Rugged individualists and capricorn moon release while creating a new world masterpiece

Danced with my shadow in glee and transmuted the trigger into love effortlessly

Rainbow brite came to the rescue and helped me find the one who is true

Back in your arms at home once again antennae plays sick beats on level 10

All chakras on blast opening portals with the remote ending on a high note

Back to the tea table to nurse our hearts and open back up to where it all starts

Floating in water and piano notes play as we levitate through another gateway

The ice felt cold but hot at the same time eating the cherries from another timeline

Getting lost in the eye of intimacy deep dives soul ties intricacy

The love that’s here ebbs and flows in this dimension anything goes

The sun rises to a new day dawn another wave we ride on

The tunes are perfect just like everything and I open up for you and sing

Consummated in the valley of fire where two flames become one infused with passion and desire

The stars twinkle bright through the window of a dark cloudy sky on a magic carpet we jump on and lie

The sunrise welcomes another day flying off into the vast array

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