The Wish Fulfilling Tree

A message for the collective: Your wishes are being granted. All that you want is yours. When you align with spirit you align with grace. Surrender your ego and disentangle your heart from societal conditioning based in fear, dominance, greed, victimization – of getting ones personal desires met at any cost. Release control and surrender […]

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Destiny doesn’t decide the destination Only the pit stops along the way We choose how long we stay and where we stray Rose colored glasses are fun Beware the length of the run Divine intervention may never come until darkness covers the sun Distractions are for the weak Facing your fears is the trail to […]

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I Believe:

I believe in signs.  I believe in the supernatural spiritual realm.  I believe in God. I believe in energy.  I believe in the laws of attraction.  I believe in the good in people.  I believe in love.  I believe in focusing on the light. I believe we are all angels.  I believe heaven is a […]

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