Truth is Through a looking glass it looked pristine It was everything I wanted I needed Truth is I gave my all Truth I lost myself in your presence I wanted to be everything you wanted Truth is I lost myself while she lie in my womb She changed me Grasping for air to find […]

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Love on a scale from 1 to 10

Love cannot be quantified. I’ve learned more about love since I’ve met my husband than I had in the previous years of my life.  Marriage is a quick way to learn true love, unconditional love, selfless love, and a love for all those tiny things that “drive you crazy” but at the end of the […]

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NOW is the “right” time

We all have millions of reasons and excuses for putting our life on hold… waiting for the “right” time. Will there ever be a right time? I think everyone has their own idea of how to respond to this but I am basing my conclusion off of people I have met on my own journey […]

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