What is Love

Loving you is easy Being loved is art Life’s got so complicated Let’s press restart Letting go has become part of life Leads me to question this strife What is Love It’s the nights we held each other when we had nothing else to give It’s the sweet look that you gave me after I […]

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Love on a scale from 1 to 10

Love cannot be quantified. I’ve learned more about love since I’ve met my husband than I had in the previous years of my life.  Marriage is a quick way to learn true love, unconditional love, selfless love, and a love for all those tiny things that “drive you crazy” but at the end of the […]

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NOW is the “right” time

We all have millions of reasons and excuses for putting our life on hold… waiting for the “right” time. Will there ever be a right time? I think everyone has their own idea of how to respond to this but I am basing my conclusion off of people I have met on my own journey […]

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