It’s not personal. It’s internal.

Don’t take what others do or say to you so personally.  The way others treat you or speak to you is their own personal drama.  It has nothing to do with you.  The way you react and respond or tolerate that drama is your personal drama.  It is your job to understand your reaction to what others do or say to you and it is up to you to create those healthy boundaries. If you’re not happy that is your problem and your responsibility.

You’re not a victim and no person or situation is good or bad. It’s just simply lessons we have to learn.  Our life is a compilation of the choices we have made that got us to this point. You can either surrender to it and accept the lessons with gratitude and grace and grow from it or you can place blame on others for your distress.  Everything in life is a choice and our lives a product of those choices.

When you’re angry with someone your anger is just a result of a lesson you have yet to learn or need to and once that lesson is learned you can turn your anger into understanding and use it to evolve. Anger is ignorance and I say this from a place of humility and love because these lessons are lessons that I have learned and have to remind myself of daily.

We all know that exercise is good for us and aids to the longevity of our life but doing it daily or weekly is a discipline that we have to nurture just like our internal dialogue and emotional health.  I am tougher on the people I love the most because I hold them to a higher standard but I realize too often that my expectations are unrealistic and unattainable because I myself strive for perfection that I’ll never reach and I have to learn to relieve those closest to me of that as well as myself. I/We have to learn how to love ourselves and our flaws and only then can you love others for their true selves. All one in this life really ever wants is to be loved, accepted, and appreciated.

When we are born we are perfect in every way. An image and a likeness of God.  As we grow we are taught from our parents how to navigate our emotions and we receive energy in those moments or are depleted of it.  We all have a way of controlling others whether it’s consciously or subconscious. We learn this in childhood from our mentors/parents. We must go back to our past and truly understand how this habit is formed. This is called your control drama. It’s the way you were conditioned through your family experience.  You have to take your emotions out of it to logically examine why your parents became who they were and why you became who you are as a product of them.  Once you can do this and understand it your real life will start to take shape and you discover who you really are and your purpose in this life.  Everyone manipulates for energy either aggressively or passively.  A good example of this is just paying attention to how you feel after spending your time around someone.  They either leave you feeling depleted or energized. Once you recognize your own drama you are released from the act you play and are freed to find a higher meaning for your life.  There is a spiritual reason you were born to your family. This is the path to find your true destiny. You have to uncover the things you learned from your parents and what you would do better and do it as a part of your journey because after all we are not only a physical representation of our parents but also a spiritual one. Their imprint on you had an immutable effect. Look at that from a higher perspective and figure out what they stood for and from that figure out what you stand for. Take time to clear your past so you can transcend past it and the cycles you keep experiencing or ruts you get stuck in.

Sadly most do not levitate from the ego.  They either do not want to do the inner work to relinquish it or can’t see past their own drama cycles. However, if you allow what you learn from your past childhood family experience you can use it to focus on a higher truth beyond the energy conflict. This will bring you more clarity on your path and when you start to recognize syncronicities or Godwinks then you know you are on the “right” path. We all have a spiritual purpose that we have been pursuing without even realizing it.  Think back to everything that has happened to you since birth and all the friends, relationships, life altering events and bring those meaningful moments into consciousness. This will reveal your evolutionary identity.

I’ve experienced these coincidences (signs) when I’ve listened to my heart my internal compass and followed God’s path for my life which lies in all of us. It’s not a path that anyone else can understand but you. It is why people meditate or need time alone to hear it.  When you clear your drama and rise above it you can walk in the light and follow your destiny with clarity and pure good intentions.

Love & Light


The Celestine Prophecy


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