Get happier by doing this 15 min exercise…

You can boost your happiness for yourself and others by doing this simple 15 minute exercise…

1) Close your eyes and picture yourself. You imagine something good happening to you like falling in love, writing something you’re proud of. You feel the joy that would come from that. Let it flow through you.

2) Then you picture someone you love, and imagine something wonderful happening for them. Feel the joy from that and let that flow through you.

3) Picture someone you don’t really know that you saw in passing or interacted with that day and imagine something good happening for them. Try to feel joy for that person and let it flow through you.

4) Picture someone you don’t like, and try to imagine something good happening for that person. You try to replicate the same feeling of joy for them as for yourself or loved ones. Imagine how good they would feel and how moved they would be.

5) Then you picture someone you really dislike or someone that you envy. Try to feel real joy for even them and while meditating even if you don’t feel that way at all eventually you’ll find that the toxic weight you carry while thinking of them dissipates over a short period of time.

Do this every day for 15 minutes. Give yourself at least a month.

This meditation sets the intention to feel different. You start to see the happiness of others as a joy for yourself. This feeling is happiness and warmth is tender. It’s almost like people become your children and you have the same warm happiness you have for your child when they’re having fun or happy and get something they like…you can feel this for a stranger. Another way of coexisting in a healthier and happier way with others is by focusing on the things you love about them.

This will lift your vibrations and your energy and light will illuminate through you.


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